14. Speaking Challenge

Topic Progress:

Pete’s just driven over to his mate Damo’s house to pick him up before they go to check out a ute that Damo wants to buy second-hand.

Pete: Knock, knock. Anyone home?

Damo: Hey, Pete. Ready to go. Just chucking my shoes on. How you going?

Pete: Good, good. Excited to check out this ute? Think she’s the one?

Damo: Hoping so. Did you see the ad for it that I sent you on Facebook earlier?

Pete: Yeah. Looks like a ripper even if it is a Holden… Low Ks, in great nick, and comes with a road worthy certificate and even 5 months rego, right? What more could you want?

Damo: Yep, that’s it. Well, it’s the best deal I’ve seen on Carsales the entire time I’ve been looking. So, I’ll have to give a Ford ute a miss this time, unfortunately. Fingers crossed, though, she is as advertised and we don’t find anything dodgy under the bonnet.

Pete: Too right. Well, hop in the car and let’s get a wriggle on. What time are we meant to be there anyway?

Damo: They said to swing by around 3pm. So, I think we’ve got plenty of time to kill as it’s only 30 minutes away and I think it’s, what, 2pm now.

Pete and Damo jump in Pete’s car and they drive off to meet the ute’s owner for an inspection.

Damo wants to take it for a test drive before he decides whether or not to lash out his hard-earned money on it.

Pete: Alright, this is the street. Number 33, you said?

Damo: Yep. In fact, that’s the car on the nature strip right there. This must be the place.

Pete: Looks like the owner’s already waiting outside for you.

Pete parks the car as Damo jumps out excitedly and runs over to greet the ute’s seller.

Pete watches and waits while Damo has a yarn with the seller and inspects the car.

5 minutes pass before Damo walks back over to chat to Pete.

Pete: So, what’s the story? Have you fallen in love?

Damo: Yeah, she’s a beauty. The deal’s pretty much done and dusted. I’m just going to take her for a spin and if it’s all good, I’ll meet you back at my place with my new wheels.

Pete: No worries. I’ll bugger off then, but if you end up changing your mind and needing a lift home, just give me a buzz.

Damo: Wooo! Will do, mate! Will do! See ya!

Pete: Alright, good luck, Damo.