1. Speaking Exercise

Topic Progress:

Listen to the audio and repeat the sentences after me to practice your pronunciation!

Doctor: Hi, Peter is it? I’m Dr. Daniels. How can I help you today?

Pete: I’ve been tagged by a snake on the hand.

Doctor: Okay, I can see you’ve bandaged it up and immobilised it already. Come with me and we’ll fix you up.

Pete: No dramas.

Doctor: Lie down for me on the bed here, and before I remove the bandages, do you know what kind of snake bit you?

Pete: Yeah, it was an eastern brown snake. I was rummaging around in the woodpile beside the house and as I lifted up a plank I felt a prick on my left hand.

Doctor: Mmmm, I can see he definitely nailed you on the hand here as it’s starting to swell up. How are you pain wise?

Pete: It’s not that painful, though, I can definitely feel heat and pressure from where he got me.

Doctor: Yeah, although, sometimes these snakes will give you a dry bite we aren’t going to take any chances, as by the looks of it, you’ve been envenomated.

Pete: Definitely feels like it, doc. Hopefully, you can prevent me from kicking the bucket.

Doctor: Haha, not to worry. I’ve got some brown snake anti-venom here, which I’m going to give you via a simple injection.

Pete: Well, I’ve already copped one injection today, so might as well have a second one.

Doctor: Okay, are you ready? You’ll feel a slight prick.

Pete: Ouch! Jesus, doc. That was worse than the original snake bite!

Doctor: Well, to be fair, the snake’s probably quicker and better practiced than I am.

Alright, lie back and take it easy for a few minutes as the anti-venom takes effect. Once the swelling dies down, you’ll be on your way.

Pete: You beaut! Thanks, doc.

Doctor: No worries, just keep an eye out for snakes next time you’re rummaging around the woodpile.

Pete: Sure. Will do! Thanks, doc.