ɾ – T-flap

Listen to the audio file and repeat these words aloud.

Little – ˈlɪɾl
Better – ˈbeɾɐ
University – ˌjʉːnɪˈvɜːsɪɾ
Middle – ˈmɪɾl
Fourteen – ˈfoːˈɾiːn
Ladder – ˈlæɾɐ
Water – ˈwoːɾɐ
Party – ˈpɑːɾ
Faulty – ˈfoːlɾ
Whatever – wɔɾˈevɐ

Tongue Twisters:

Practice phrases to read out loud:

  1. I didn’t even party a little.
  2. A little water in the middle.
  3. The batter was thirteen today.
  4. Whatever did he say about it?
  5. The university has fourteen ladders.
  6. He thought of thirty pretty little ladies.
  7. The little middle bottle is better than the latter.
  8. There’re seventy or eighty universities in the city.
  9. Muddling, waddling, cuddling, coddling, shuddering.
  10. They got over waiting for their mate in the middle of the city.