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The Future Simple Tense

Peter Smissen June 26, 2018

How to form it: I + will + bare infinitive

The simple future refers to a time later than now and expresses facts or certainty.

The simple future is used:

To predict a future event:

  • It’ll probably rain

With I or We, to express a spontaneous decision:

  • I’ll order the tickets online.

To express willingness:

  • I’ll do the vacuuming.
  • He’ll take your bag for you.

In the negative form, to express unwillingness:

  • The child won’t eat his food.
  • She won’t leave until she’s seen the manager!

With I in the interrogative form using “shall”, to make an offer:

  • Shall I close the door?

With we in the interrogative form using “shall”, to make a suggestion:

  • Shall we go to the theatre tomorrow?

With I in the interrogative form using “shall”, to ask for advice or instructions:

  • What shall I tell the boss about the stolen car?

With you, to give orders:

  • You will do what I want.

With you in the interrogative form, to give an invitation:

  • Will you go to the movies with me?
  • Will you marry me?