9. Caught in the Storm

Pete was driving along in the Outback when, all of a sudden, a storm rolls in and he’s caught off guard.

Someone looking out of their window sees him in trouble and rushes out to invite him inside to safety.

Stranger: Hey! You okay? What’re you doing out here?

Pete: Yeah, caught with my pants down by the looks of it. This storm came out of nowhere.

Stranger: It certainly did. Have you got somewhere to go? If not, come inside out of this weather until it clears.

Pete: Yeah, I’m not a local, so I don’t know anyone around here. That’s really kind of you, though. Thanks so much!

Stranger: No worries. Let’s head in and get out of this rain.

Pete and the stranger hastily walk inside out of the storm.

Pete: Sorry, I didn’t catch your name. I’m Pete.

Dillon: Dillon. Nice to meet you, Pete. Where’re you from and what brought you to my little town of Broken Hill?

Pete: Good question. I’m actually from Melbourne. Yeah, I know it’s a bit random. I decided to go for a road trip to see Central Australia earlier this year. Always wanted to check out the desert and those less-well trodden parts of Australia, you know.

Dillon: Yeah, there’s a certain beauty to the interior of this country, I tell you what. It’s a shame so many city slickers never get to appreciate it. Where’re you heading next?

Pete: The plan was to head into South Australia, and then up north into the Northern Territory. I wanted to check out Uluru and Kata Tjuta. Have you been?

Dillon: Yeah, it’s a mesmorising and breath-taking place. Went there a few years back with the missus and kids before we got divorced.

Pete: Mmm… I’m sure it’ll live up to its reputation. Sorry to hear about the divorce.

Dillon: Don’t be. She was a total ball-breaker. I’m glad it’s all done and dusted now. Both of us are definitely happier for it.

Pete: Okay, good to hear then!

Dillon: I’m parched. You want a cuppa or something to eat, mate?

Pete: Yeah, a cup of coffee would be brilliant. Thanks, Dillon.

Dillon: No worries, Pete. Make yourself at home and I’ll be back in a jiffy.

Pete: Too easy!