2. Drinking with the Flies

Pete: Jimmy! What’s up, mate! Thanks for coming over for the barbie today.

James: No worries, Pete. Wouldn’t have missed it for the world. I grabbed a 6-pack of beers and some kangaroo snags. They’re in the esky here.

Pete: Oh, you didn’t have to do that, mate, but cheers. Come in and let’s get cracking. How’s your missus going anyway?

James: Yeah, she’s good. She’s sorry she couldn’t make it today, though. She’s been crook with the flu since last week.

Pete: No stress. Give her my best when you see her. Shall we crack open a beer? And are you hungry? How soon (do) you want to eat?

James: Hell yeah. Here you go. Cheers. I’m starving, so let’s get into it.

Pete: Good on ya. Cheers.

James: I think you’ll like this beer. It’s a locally brewed pale ale. Hoppy and strong.

Pete: I love a good pale ale. What shall we chuck on the barbie first? You want snags, steak, chicken skewers or all of the above?

James: All of the above sounds good.

Pete: Okay, sweet. Can you fire up the barbie out on the deck while I grab them out of the fridge? Be out in a sec.

James: Sure. I’m on it.

James: Far out, mate. Enough flies out here for you? What’ve you been feeding them? One the size of a jumbo jet just flew past.

Pete: I reckon. It’s summer, mate, what can you do?

James: I can leave you out here to it while I go inside to fetch another beer! That’s what I can do!

Pete: Oh, come on, mate. Don’t leave me out here alone drinking with the flies?

James: Tata!

Pete: Jeez! You know who your friends are, don’t you!