17. The Farmer’s Market

Pete’s mum is babysitting Noah for the day and Pete and Kel have decided to hit up the local farmer’s market to buy some fresh produce.

They jump in the car and cruise down the coast to Torquay where the market is held.

Pete: I’m glad mum took Noah for the day and we can get out for a bit.

Kel: Yeah, it’s been a tough few weeks… This sleep deprivation has been brutal.

Pete: Tell me about it. And you’ve suffered much worse than me. Anyway, what should we grab at the Torquay farmer’s market today?

Kel: I was thinking it’d be cool to get some heirloom veggies, maybe some tomatoes and potatoes, as well as some locally-grown pumpkin. I’m dying to cook up a lamb roast this weekend.

Pete: Mmm… Yeah, perfect. What about some free-range eggs and some grass-fed beef? I haven’t had a decent steak in ages either.

Kel: We can do that. I might also keep an eye out for some locally-harvested honey. I’ve heard there’s a stall that sells some amazing flavours like Leatherwood, Blue Gum, and even Yellow Box honeys.

Pete: Is this for your toast in the morning? That’s the only time I ever see you eating honey.

Kel: What are you talking about? I have it with heaps of other things too!

Pete: Oh yeah? Like what?

Kel: Like… tea… sometimes, and with a spoon straight out of the jar.

Pete: Haha touché then.

Kel: Alright, here we are.

Kel and Pete park the car and enter the market.

Kel: Wow! This place is chockas today. I wasn’t expecting it to be so packed with people.

Pete: Well, it’s Saturday and these markets only pop up once a month or so, so every man and his dog usually turn out.

Kel: There’s the honey stall! I think it’ll “bee” the perfect place to start.

Pete: Alright, “honey”, let’s head over. Maybe we can make “a bee line” for it.

Kel: Looks like they’ve got honey flavours up the wazoo here. Karri, Lucerne, Stringy bark, and even Ti-Tree honey… just none of the ones we were after.

Pete: Ah well. Guess it’s time to try something new. Ti-Tree sounds good. Should we grab a jar of that?

Kel: A jar?! In for a penny, in for a pound. We’ll get a 1-litre tub.

Pete: Alright. Go hard or go home, hey? Hopefully, it’s good, then.