12. Convict Museum

Pete has just arrived at his mate, Ben’s, house.

They’re catching up this weekend and heading into the city.

Pete: So, Ben, where’re we off to today?

Ben: I thought we might go to the Hyde Park Barracks and check out the convicts exhibits there.

Pete: Awesome idea. I’ve never been there to check it out.

Ben: Yeah, neither, but my folks told me about it the other day and said it was worth a look. Apparently, we have convict heritage that can be traced all the way back to the First Fleet.

Pete: Wow, no kidding? Our family comes from all over the place.

Ben: All over the place? Yeah? Whereabouts?

Pete: Well, there’s some Scottish and Irish, as well as a little Italian, German, and, I think, Greek in there somewhere too.

Ben: Yeah, I think most Aussies tend to be a mixed bag like that when it comes to heritage.

Pete: So, what time did you think we should head to the museum?

Ben: Now, so let’s get moving.

Pete and Ben hop into the car and drive down to the Hyde Park Barracks.

They park the car and head to the entrance to buy their tickets.

Pete: Hey, how’s it going? Can we grab two adult tickets please.

Admin: Hi. No worries. Any concessions?

Pete: Nah, no concessions unfortunately.

Admin: Alright, here you are. Just head through the door over there.

Ben: Cheers. Is there anything you think we should definitely check out and not miss?

Admin: Mmmm… Good question. I reckon make sure that you check out the convict punishment section. There’s a lot of strange ways that they used to punish convicts back in the day.

Ben: Alright. Will do! Thanks for the suggestion.

Admin: All good. Have a good one!

Pete: Cheers, mate. You too!

Ben and Pete head into the museum and start checking out the different exhibitions.

They eventually make their way to the convict punishment section.

Pete: Far out! Have a look at this, Ben. They used to tie convicts to a wooden tripod and whip them in front of the others for punishment.

Ben: Yeah, that doesn’t surprise me. Imagine what it was like nursing those wounds the next day whilst being forced to work again.

Pete: Yeah, infection must’ve been rife and antibiotics were a good century or more away, right?

Ben: Yeah, we’ve definitely got it easy these days.

Pete: Sure do.