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Do you struggle speaking Australian English confidently?
Maybe you feel nervous or don't know what to say? If so... keep reading!

Most members of The Academy struggled with this too. In fact, does any of the following sound familiar to you too?

If you answered YES then you know how hard it is to find learning materials 100% focused on Australia and Aussie English.

But don't worry, there's a solution to help you improve your level so you can fit in and add to the conversation without fear or being self-aware.

More than 25,000 people just like you have been using our resources to improve their Aussie English in a fun and incredibly effective way.

Now you have an opportunity to do the same.

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I was fed up with hearing stories about good people wanting to improve their English and adapt to life in Australia, just like you, but who were left stuck and let down in their pursuit of these goals because of:

Fortunately, that's all behind you now!

Introducing the Aussie English Academy!

The Academy is the leading online training community for those learning Australian English who also want to fully immerse themselves in Australian culture.

It’s not just an English-learning platform, it’s chocka-block full of culture, history, and more!

New lessons are added regularly, so you’ll never get bored or run out of things to study.

PLUS it includes the community support you need to ensure you reach your full potential and succeed once in Australia!


Learn Australian English! Learn slang, expressions, and vocabulary to help you understand Australians and speak like an Aussie!

Immerse yourself in Australian history, culture, and current affairs and really get inside the mind of your average fair dinkum Aussie!

Learn the ins and outs of pronunciation in Australian English to get that true blue Aussie accent!

Reach an advanced level in English faster with materials made by native speakers who don’t dumb down and simplify how they speak.

Make friends and get support when you interact with teachers and other English learners in the Academy Community!

Come to the weekly online group classes with real English teachers and improve your speaking skills and confidence by discussing a wide range of different topics.



Learn English from Australian English teachers who also speak foreign languages and know the trouble you face.


Immerse yourself in Australian history, culture, news, and more, and really get inside the mind of your average fair dinkum Aussie.


The Academy is 100% focused on teaching you Australian English, as well as Australian culture, history, and more to help you adapt to life Down Under!


With 100s of members – all learning Australian English – the Academy community is there 24/7 to answer your questions and provide feedback and support.



Pete is the host and creator of Aussie English.

He created AE in 2015 after meeting recently-arrived migrants to Australia who were having trouble with the Aussie accent, slang, culture, and history that is unique to Australia.

He speaks Australian English and has been learning languages like Portuguese and French, both in the classroom and outside of it, for the past 20+ years.


Ian gives 3 x weekly classes devoted to discussing topics related to Australia.

He speaks both Australian English and Spanish, and has over 10 years ESL teaching experience.


Libby holds 2 x weekly conversation classes focusing on business English.

She has taught English for the French Education Department in Paris as well as having experience providing private lessons.

Libby speaks French, has lived in two foreign countries and understands what it is like to live abroad.

Now, let's look at what's included in the membership!

You can consume and study the awesome English materials and classes inside the Academy however you like.

That’s the BEST part about the Academy!

It’s designed to fit in with your schedule and your personal study preferences and goals!

Here are 5 awesome areas inside the Academy that you can use to rapidly improve your English skills!

1. The Aussie English Podcast

Level up your listening skills:

Listening comprehension is one of the most important aspects of learning English.

Understanding Australians can be hard because of their accents as well as the vocabulary, slang, and expressions they use.

You can learn to understand even the most difficult Aussie accents when you quickly improve your listening skills with the AE Podcast episodes.

Every episode comes with a full PDF transcript. There are over 940 episodes currently and the list is growing every week!

And guess what? You’ll be levelling up your reading skills at the same time when you use the Premium Podcast player inside.

New podcast episodes are released every week!

Valued at $197/yr

2. 70+ Expression Courses

Level up your listening skills:

Get more out of the Expression podcast episodes by completing their corresponding Expression course in the Academy.

Each course is made up of multiple written, audio, and video lessons that include:

  • Listen and read exercises
  • Listening comprehension quizzes
  • English conversation videos
  • Vocabulary, slang, and expression lists
  • Video lessons teaching slang, vocabulary, expressions, and pronunciation
  • Speaking exercises

Unlock all 70+ Expression courses!

Valued at $42.50 per lesson

3. Aussie History & Culture Course

Immerse yourself in all things Australia!

Don’t just learn Australian English

Fully immerse yourself into Aussie culture, history, news and current affairs, and more.

This allows you to get inside the mind of your average Australian and adapt to life in Australia!

Complete the 30+ lessons to:

  • Improve your knowledge of Australia
  • Have interesting topics to talk about
  • Integrate into Australian society

New lessons added regularly!

Valued at $25.50 per lesson

4. Natural English Dialogues Course

Improve your everyday English & small talk!

Each lesson inside the course focuses on everyday situations such as:

  • Going to the dentist
  • Going shopping
  • Ordering a coffee
  • Going to the beach

You’ll learn everyday phrases as well as vocabulary, slang, and expressions.

This course is excellent for helping you:

  • Build your speaking confidence
  • Improve your small talk skills
  • Learn everyday English for common situations
  • Improve your Australian slang usage
  • Speak more like a native speaker

Valued at $27 per lesson

5. Weekly Group Speaking Calls

Build speaking confidence and fluency!

Each week members can attend 5 x group speaking calls with teachers Ian, Pete, and Tara.

That’s up to 4 hours of available speaking practice every week!

Each call runs for about 45-60 minutes and covers topics including:

  • Australian history & culture
  • Open discussions
  • News and current affairs
  • Professional and business English
  • Language learning

Apply what you learn inside the Academy in these classes so that you can:

  • Build your English fluency
  • Build your speaking confidence
  • Interact with real Australian English teachers
  • Ask any questions you have
  • Meet other students

Continue practicing after class with students in the Aussie English Chat Room, which is open 24/7.

Each class is recorded and uploaded into the Speaking Calls Library for students to review afterwards or for those who couldn’t make the class.

5 Classes/Week | ~270 Classes/Year

A live speaking class
Inside the Speaking Call Library

Valued at $15 per lesson

Bonus Features:

The Academy is growing every month and there have been several recent additions.

1. Academy Modules

The Academy Modules course is going to include a new module every month that teaches you Australian English as well as an aspect of Australian culture, history, and news.

The very first module was published recently and introduces you to the host Pete, his childhood in Australia, and includes an interview with his father, Ian Smissen, about his childhood in the ’50s, ’60s, and ’70s.

Each module will includes video and audio lessons that aim to improve your vocabulary, pronunciation, listening comprehension, and more.

New modules will be added every month!

2. Groups & Forums

The Groups and Forums feature on the AE Platform that is the latest addition to the Academy Community.

This is where members can:

  • Join groups related to specific topics
  • Meet other students and develop friendships
  • Find language partners
  • Practice their English in a safe environment
  • Ask and answer questions

Members have access to all the private Groups and Forums related to Academy content.

3. S.O.S. Grammar Course

This course is designed by the Academy members themselves.

Each month they suggest English grammar points that they are having trouble with and that they would like a lesson made about.

Members then vote on the suggested lessons and the winning lesson is created and added to the course.

It’s a great way to improve your knowledge and usage of advanced English grammar.

3. The AE Chat Room

The AE Chat Room is a Zoom Meeting that is open to Academy members 24/7.

Members can:

  • Join the call after each speaking call to keep practicing
  • Organise their own meet ups with other members
  • Meet other members and build friendships
  • Enter at any time to see who’s around

It’s a great place to build confidence and English fluency whilst practicing in a safe and comfortable environment with other members.

Pete holds his monthly 1-hour speaking call in here each month.


Check out these sample video lessons from inside!

This is a free sample video of the Expression episode lessons for Premium Podcast and Academy members.

This is a sample video lesson from inside the Natural English Dialogues Course.

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Does this really work?

You don’t have to take our word for it. 

Instead, listen to the students that have tried our method to improve their Aussie English skills.

The Aussie English Academy is like a vast garden where you are supplied with colourful advice on how to improve and proceed in your way for a better English speaking, understanding, and vocabulary building. All this could not be true without Pete, the Aussie English gardener.
The AE Academy is absolutely an awesome tool to improve Aussie English. I honestly found exactly what I looked for and I am really satisfied with the level I reached so far. Thanks!
Ferruh Bicer
I have been a member of the Aussie English Academy for almost a year. I enjoy the way Pete teaches. It is fun and effective. Pete really knows what important to learn a language as he learns other languages too. Btw, I love the Aussie jokes from the Expression courses in the Academy. I’d tell my colleague at work every time when I hear a new one and they will ask me what’s the Aussie joke this week. Great job!
I have been a member of the Aussie English Academy since November 2018 after a two-week visit to Sydney Australia where I met a lot of Australians who made me shocked with their pronunciations right after I reached the airport. I could not understand why they said number 9 as “noi’”, fine as”foi” that I have known as “nain” and “ fain”. My curiosity of Aussie English drove me to join in the Academy and I really enjoy all the lessons and episodes released in the class and podcasts. Thank to Pete, the teacher of Aussie English, who has wonderful voice to explain on pronunciation and connected speech so clearly that my listening skill now is better than before. Besides, my English is more increasing with a variety knowledge of cultures, histories of Australia as well as so many expressions , vocabularies that I wish my memory were as good as a computer containing everything . It seems too long to tell more! Thank you again!
Pete is a great teacher, he knows how to teach and he knows his subject very well. He puts lots of effort, thought, passion and expertise into the designing of each of his Academy classes and, at the same time, he makes the learning process fun and as simple as possible! Every class I look forward to the following! I've improved my English and learnt a lot about Aussie culture. It's helped me to understand and communicate better to Australian native speakers whenever I travel to Australia to visit my daughter in Sydney. Thanks, Pete, for sharing your knowledge and passion with me! I highly recommend Aussie English Academy to everyone!
I subscribed to the AE youtube channel from May 2016 onwards and later at the end of the year I joined the Academy. After that time, I worked in the Academy with great pleasure. It is easy to persist in learning if the content, which increased and improved continuously over the years. There are excellent courses for pronunciation, every-day conversation, a variety of expressions and other resources for ESL students. Working on the Academy materials helped me to significantly improve listening comprehension, the understanding of advanced English pronunciation, vocabulary and other skills. I would recommend the Academy to everyone who wants to succeed in English.
The Aussie English Academy is by far the best English classroom I've ever had. Pete is such an amazing teacher with lots of passion about what he is doing. His technique in teaching Aussie English is second to none. I highly recommend the Academy for everyone who likes to speak English like an Australian.
Aussie English Podcast and Academy have been amazing tools to improve my English skills in listening, reading, speaking and grammar. AE Podcast was my first approach to Aussie English in a safe environment almost 4 years ago when I arrived in Australia and since then I’ve never stopped listening to it. I still remember when Pete started his podcast, and I started following him every single day on my way to work, uni or home. AE Podcast, it’s not just a podcast to learn Aussie English but a remarkable place to get to know the Aussie culture and Pete and Kel’s lives! Cheers!
From my point of view, the Aussie English Podcast is the great resource to learn or improve your current knowledge of English. Besides this, you can also gain a lot of knowledge specifically about Australia (history, endemic plants, animals, facts etc.) After 6 months of being Aussie English Academy member, I felt that my English was improved, pronunciation become much better and my listening skills enhanced. So, if you want to be a great English speaker, the Aussie English Academy is definitely for you. At least give it a try and result will surprise you!
Well, I must honestly say that Aussie English has become a foundation to learn and explore Australia for me. I had joined the Australian English Academy 6 months back and I have been benefitted by the contents that Pete has been continually bringing in. I had severe problems in listening comprehension when Aussies speak. Even though they don’t use slangs much when they speak to non-native speakers, they do speak fast and contract the words. Let me share you one incident that happened when I was pretty new to Australia. I used to work in a restaurant at Darling Harbour. One of the customers (fair dinkum Aussie) approached to the counter and asked for a bottle of water. He said, “Hey mate, gimme a boh of wah”. I couldn’t understand him initially, but I later came to know that what he meant was a bottle of water when my owner told me. I was then looking for a course that would help me understand the words exactly what Aussies speak. A month after that incident, I found the Aussie English Academy. Pete has been doing a great job for all of us. The upcoming contents that he is working on with regards to contractions while speaking Aussie English is definitely made for me and all of us learning Australian English. Thank you very much Pete from the bottom of my heart. Keep bringing such interesting stuff that will be really helpful in the real scenario in Australia. Have a ripper of a day!
For more than 6 years l am actively learning English. I have tried many English learning websites to improve my English, but none of them convinced me to be a membership except the Aussie English. Why? 1. The contents are interesting enough to be followed in your free time. 2. The courses were provided in a way that you can learn the most out of them. They come with transcripts, vocabulary and expression breakdown videos and highlight the important parts. The speed of the video is in a way that you can learn as you watch. 3. You don’t need to refer to a dictionary! Everything is in the website saving a lot of time!! Thanks, Pete, for the excellent job.

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