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Academy Courses

New Academy Courses

These courses have just been added and will grow in size as new content is added each month.

Expression Courses:

The Expression courses are the backbone of The Academy. There are currently 70 Expression courses each of which include:

  • Full Expression episode audio file
  • Full transcript + highlighted vocabulary and expressions
  • Video lessons
  • Quizzes

Recent Expression Courses:

Other Academy Courses:

English Conversations

In this course, we’re going to study interviews in depth.

This is going to help you improve your listening comprehension of spoken English as you will be exposed to many different accents, vocabulary, slang, and more.


Natural English Conversations

In this course, you’ll study natural English conversations in the form of dialogues between two or more people about ever day situations.

You’ll learn English vocabulary, expressions, and slang, and how to use them naturally like native speakers.

You’ll also be able to practice your speaking skills by imitating these conversations in the speaking lessons.