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Putting 'Aussie' into your English & your life!

Aussie English is all about helping English learners and those getting used to life in Australia.

I create English-learning resources chockablock full of Aussie culture, history, news and current affairs, mannerisms and slang, and everything else related to life Down Under.

My primary objective is to help you adapt to both life and the weird dialect of English spoken in Australia.

Pete Smissen, the creator and host of Aussie English, in his office at home.
My Braussie (Brazilian/Australian) family. Raquel, Noah, and me.

More than just learning English

I believe learning a language involves a great deal more than just studying grammar rules and going to classes.

Advanced learners I encounter generally want more than just the ability to communicate.

Instead, what they really want is to feel in that language, to understand and immerse themselves in the culture, to get the humour, pop-culture references, slang, and mannerism, and as a result, shape a new identity in English fused with their old one.

That is why I do what I do at Aussie English!

In fact, my Brazilian wife, Raquel, has been on that journey for the past 5 years since moving to Australia. She arrived here without speaking any English and understanding close to nothing about life in Australia besides kangaroos hop and there’s a big bridge in Sydney.

Looking somewhat shocked in the photo is our Braussie (Brazilian/Australian) son, Noah. We live in a bilingual household, raising Noah to speak both Portuguese and English with the aim of maintaining connection with culture and family.

Anyway, my point is, if you’re reading this, you’re likely in a similar position. Whether you’ve migrated to Australia for work, study, or to live, or you’re planning on doing so in the future, whatever your story, you want to call this beautiful country, culture, and awesome dialect of English home!

Helping you to achieve your goals of mastering English and adapting to life in Australia is what I’m all about!

“To speak a language is to take on a world, a culture.”

― Frantz Fanon

“To speak a language is to take on a world, a culture.”

― Frantz Fanon

How it all Began

Aussie English started back in 2015 whilst I was in the middle of finishing my PhD in biology.

At the time, I was living in Melbourne surrounded by loads of friends who were originally from overseas and usually spoke 2+ languages.

I’d studied a few languages like French, Indonesian, and Mandarin Chinese at school, but never became ‘fluent’ in them.

I decided to study French in my spare time as much as possible using resources like books, websites, YouTube, and podcasts. Podcasts were a game-changer in my language skills!

After 6 months or so, I was using French on a daily basis with friends and other language learners, and finally felt I’d reached ‘fluency’.

I became a podcast fanatic and told all my English-learning friends about the results I’d had with French podcasts. However, when it came to Australian English, there were no podcasts on offer.

So, I took up the challenge to create the Aussie English Podcast with the mission of helping anyone learning Australian English and/or adapting to life Down Under.

Fast-forward 5 years later it’s my full-time job!

Pete Smissen, creator of Aussie English.

How I Gave Up My Career & Became a Full Time Podcaster

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Now it’s time to help you on your journey!

Are you ready?

Now it’s time to help you on your journey!

Are you ready?