1 00:00:00,410 --> 00:00:20,715 G'day, guys! Pete here, from Aussie English. Today's episode of Aussie English is brought to you by the Australian Pronunciation Course. Reduce your accent and start speaking English like an Aussie. Guys, if you would like access to this course, sign up using the link below and you will also save 20 percent off if you sign up today. See you in there! 2 00:00:26,160 --> 00:00:53,552 G'day, guys. What's going on? Welcome to this episode of Aussie English. Today we're going to be talking about long vowels in English, right? Long vowels in English. Now, we recently did a video on short vowels in English, so click the card up above, it's probably here or here, not sure, and go check that video out, go watch that if you're trying to perfect your short vowel pronunciation, but in Australian English, at least, based on my accent there are eight long vowels. 3 00:00:53,730 --> 00:01:12,750 So, in comparison to short vowels, long vowels are exactly that, they are vowel sounds that last longer than say short vowels do. The good thing is that there are a few comparisons that we can do in English where there are short vowels that can be lengthened into long vowels. So, have a look at these three examples. 4 00:01:13,080 --> 00:01:22,094 If I say the word 'us' I'm using the short vowel ɐ. If I say the word 'arse', I'm using the long vowel sound ɐː. 5 00:01:24,270 --> 00:01:44,490 What about this one: 'bid', the short vowel sound ɪ, which can be lengthened to make the long vowel sound ɪː, 'beard'. And lastly, 'had', the short vowel sound e can be lengthened to become 'haired' (eː), which I'm not, 'haired'. 6 00:01:45,570 --> 00:01:57,232 So, depending on your accent there's going to be between six and eight long vowels in English. In my accent, there are eight, in some other accents there's gonna be six because two of them can actually be pronounced as diphthongs instead. 7 00:01:58,296 --> 00:02:48,439 So, the six common long vowels are: iː - bead, ɐː - barred, ʉː - booed, oː - bored, ɜː - bird, æː - bad, and the last two long vowels that I'll use in Australian English in my pronunciation, but may be diphthongs in other dialects, are: ɪː - beard, eː - haired. So, in other dialects these might be instead given a schwa quality at the end and turned into diphthongs, so they might sound instead like ɪə - (e.g. beard), eə - (e.g. haired), ok. 8 00:02:49,140 --> 00:03:16,169 It's fine if you want to pronounce them as diphthongs. Totally up to you, guys. I'm just basing this episode on my pronunciation, ok? Alright, let's go through a series of minimal pair exercises, where you can practice your pronunciation of all these different vowels. I will add, a lot of these aren't real words in English, I'm just changing the vowel sound in each situation, so that you can focus on that and practice saying the vowel with a lot of different spelling situations, ok? So, let's go. 9 00:03:20,930 --> 00:03:42,220 iː, ɪː, eː, ɜː, ʉː, oː, ɐː, æː, 10 00:03:53,830 --> 00:04:22,509 hiːd, hɪːd, heːd, hɜːd, hʉːd, hoːd, hɐːd, hæːd, 11 00:04:25,500 --> 00:04:44,449 iːp, ɪːp, eːp, ɜːp, ʉːp, oːp, ɐːp, æːp, 12 00:04:55,359 --> 00:05:20,752 biːg, bɪːg, beːg, bɜːg, bʉːg, goːb, gɐːb, gæːb 13 00:05:22,062 --> 00:05:50,980 miːn, mɪːn, meːn, mɜːn, mʉːn, moːn, mɐːn, mæːn 14 00:05:54,410 --> 00:06:18,579 ðiː, ðɪː, ðeː, ðɜː, ðʉː, ðoː, ðɐː, ðæː 15 00:06:22,689 --> 00:06:47,679 sliːk, slɪːk, sleːk, slɜːk, slʉːk, sloːk, slɐːk, slæːk 16 00:06:50,060 --> 00:07:09,330 Good job, guys! Good job! So, keep practicing those guys, it comes with time. You just have to keep listening, repeating, focus on my mouth, pay attention to what I'm doing in terms of lip movement, tongue height if you can, using this video and your pronunciation is going to improve rapidly. Anyway, I hope you've enjoyed this episode and I'll chat to you soon, peace! 17 00:07:10,490 --> 00:07:48,453 Alright, guys, before you go, make sure that you sign up for the Australian English pronunciation course. Use the link below and you'll get 20 percent off when you sign up today and I'll quickly show you a little sneak peek inside the course. So, inside when you sign up you'll get instant access to 138 different lessons. These are broken up into three main parts, the very first one includes an introduction to the IPA, so the International Phonetic Alphabet. You'll learn how to use those tricky symbols and also understand your mouth and the parts of the mouth that are being used when making the different vowel sounds and consonant sounds in English. 18 00:07:48,530 --> 00:08:23,713 So, this is crucial to understand and use when trying to improve your pronunciation. On top of this, you will have access to all of my pronunciation tutorials for the different vowel sounds in English, I go through every single vowel sound in Australian English. I also go through the pronunciation of all of the different consonant sounds in English as well, you will get numerous exercise videos, you will get tongue twister videos and you will also get minimal pair videos, where you get to compare the really close sounds in English and learn to discern between them and produce them, so you sound much more like a native. 19 00:08:23,990 --> 00:08:39,000 So, to get instant access to this course, guys, just go down click the link below and you can sign up today and save 20 per cent. If you want to find out about any of my other products and courses, just go to www.AussieEnglish.com.au and I'll see you there.