1 00:00:17,850 --> 00:00:24,210 Kelly, what are we talking about? You tell me about this visa, visa stuff we have to now start freaking out about, worrying about. 2 00:00:24,340 --> 00:00:29,101 I freaked out for a few hours, but then I decided to rationalise it. 3 00:00:31,920 --> 00:00:32,920 It's not the end of the world, take it easy. 4 00:00:34,800 --> 00:00:53,700 No, at least not for us, but a lot of people it is. I think last year the government announced that there would be some changes in the whole sort of criteria and process of getting family and sponsor family visas. 5 00:00:54,000 --> 00:00:55,880 So, this is going to be updated soon, is it? 6 00:00:56,520 --> 00:00:59,471 It's coming through on the 17th of April so, next week. 7 00:00:59,940 --> 00:01:02,510 Holy crap! One day before my birthday. What a present! 8 00:01:04,099 --> 00:01:09,420 And we actually were expecting it to happen in June, but I don't know why they decided to... 9 00:01:09,720 --> 00:01:21,015 I think it's probably before the election that's coming in May, I would say it's related to that. The Liberal government probably want the changes to come through before they face being pulled out or whatever. 10 00:01:21,170 --> 00:02:00,982 It is a lot of people by surprise. You know, people who were like, I have time to apply for my partner visa before my current visa expires and now they have to run with the applications because what happens is so, like now, the partner visa application is the one sort of, one step job, you have one application, which is like your sponsor, your partner application and your application. So, you need information from both of you and all the evidence about the relationship, like black photos and financial evidence and... 11 00:02:01,168 --> 00:02:04,255 Postcards, messages from social media. 12 00:02:04,590 --> 00:02:14,720 Everything, but the they... it usually takes, they say, 12 to 20 months out for the whole thing to be analised. 13 00:02:15,110 --> 00:02:19,590 Well, they don't exactly, they're not in a rush, right? They don't really mind, they're like you'll get it when you get it. 14 00:02:20,250 --> 00:02:21,540 And it's already seven grand. 15 00:02:21,541 --> 00:02:24,955 Yeah so, seven and a half thousand dollars to apply. 16 00:02:25,170 --> 00:02:25,709 To apply. 17 00:02:25,710 --> 00:02:27,960 So, that's just to submit the application. 18 00:02:28,230 --> 00:02:31,140 And if it's refused, you don't get anything back. 19 00:02:31,141 --> 00:02:31,204 No. 20 00:02:31,521 --> 00:02:36,606 So, it is hard for a lot of families and you know I can't imagine. 21 00:02:37,660 --> 00:02:46,800 It's a lot of money and now because we have a baby and it's not as if I could just "oh, I'll go back to Brazil", we have a baby. 22 00:02:47,040 --> 00:02:55,928 Well, we're sort of stuck between a rock and a hard place, right? Where we were expecting to do this, but we were expecting to have more time to save up seven and a half thousand dollars to pay for the visa. 23 00:02:55,929 --> 00:02:56,265 Until next year. 24 00:02:56,642 --> 00:03:06,480 Or the application for the visa because you're already on one, but now if things are going to change and one; it becomes more complicated, two: it may become more expensive as well. 25 00:03:06,780 --> 00:03:14,408 So, one of the changes is the price, there'll be like five point something percent of like increase in the price. 26 00:03:14,610 --> 00:03:15,610 Just 5 percent. 27 00:03:15,800 --> 00:03:17,370 Evelyn okay. Well that's not as bad as I. 28 00:03:18,120 --> 00:04:25,210 But the main thing is they divided the application in two steps, two processes. The first one is the sponsor application so, let's say, using us a as an example. You would have to apply as a sponsor first, getting like your financial situation and police check and everything about you, say that you're clean, you're fine you've never done anything wrong. And then we don't know yet how long they, how long is going to take for them to analyze this information, but let's say six months, you know, and then after you get approved I can apply for the Parter Visa card. So, what happens if your current visa expires next month, your application as sponsor doesn't give me a bridging visa, doesn't give me any longer work rights or anything so, I would have to go back to Brazil and wait for your application to be approved and then I would have to come back or apply offshore and, you know, finalize the process. 29 00:04:26,680 --> 00:05:06,810 So, it is hard because affects people who are like waiting... I have two months until my visa expires so, I'm fine, I can you know, I'll get a bridging visa, I'll apply, I'll save up. No, if your visa is about to finish, you don't have time, you have to leave the country. It's so hard, I don't know. A lot of people are just freaking out about it and I did, but still we have time. So, I'm like ok, it's going to work, but it's sad for people who were plaining in the the last sort of months of their Visa they currently have and they have to run with the application. 30 00:05:06,975 --> 00:05:16,082 Well, that's the hardest part I think too is that you have to suddenly do something that's already rather complicated, but you have to speed up how quickly you do that as well. So, you may make mistakes, you may forget bits. 31 00:05:16,850 --> 00:06:04,212 Exactly! It's a seven grand mistake. And if you get it wrong you can, you know, you can obviously... you can play again, but it is so stressful and so yeah it took a lot of people by surprise and it is hard, I don't know, and the reason they're doing this, according to what I've been reading about it, is to tackle like domestic violence sort of cases. So, if you have... you say deterrent, something against you and you want to sponsor someone, you're going to marry someone, you might get refused because they can refuse you application straight away like first thing before I even try to apply for the partner visa. 32 00:06:04,510 --> 00:06:15,630 It seems so weird, though, for people who are Australians, right? Like, if I'm marrying you, what do you do? What? They deny you and then you have to go, I have to go overseas... 33 00:06:17,250 --> 00:06:27,950 Yeah what they're saying is one; domestic violence is a big thing apparently with foreigners. So, people come to Australia and they get into those like abusive relationships. 34 00:06:28,020 --> 00:06:29,078 With Australians or with each other? 35 00:06:31,220 --> 00:06:48,180 With Australians, you know what I mean? And then they get trapped because they can't leave the country. They depend on this person because you know they need the visa to stay here. They have nothing to go back home and it's just, it's a whole thing, it's really complicated, but anyway. 36 00:06:48,360 --> 00:06:55,560 So, what advice would you have for people listening who are currently in a position of thinking about applying for their permanent residency visa? 37 00:06:56,100 --> 00:07:16,367 Yeah, I guess if your visa is about to expire, you don't have much, you know, you don't have much choice. I mean, you have to leave the country and it's better if you do things like, if you think it through, as opposed to like running into a dodgy application, that's going to be refuse and it's going to cost you money. 38 00:07:16,600 --> 00:07:21,970 Well, you might get it done sooner, but it may have less of a chance a of being a... successfully going through. 39 00:07:22,000 --> 00:08:18,042 Yeah. So, let's say, you visa is expiring next month, you don't have enough evidence. You don't have, you know, exactly what they asking for, because there's quite a lot of paper work, so it's best, I would say, go home, save up and apply offshore or come back when you can, but if you have time, like in our case, we have, I think my visa goes until like December next year so, we have quite a bit of time to save up and we'll probably apply by November this year and I can't imagine they'll take more than 12 months to approve your application. I wouldn't have to leave the country, but for people, you know, if you're in the same situation as us, you have more time. Don't freak out about it, just you know keep gathering your evidences and make sure you have everything correct and save up. It's not cheap. 40 00:08:18,194 --> 00:08:19,194 Far out. 41 00:08:20,190 --> 00:08:32,383 But that's a lot of...next week, because it's coming through on the 17th, they'll probably release some sort of guideline or something like that and.. 42 00:08:32,429 --> 00:08:39,109 Well, we'll see, if the government gets thrown out, the new one comes in, who knows what will happen then, it will probably get denied or thrown back. 43 00:08:39,110 --> 00:08:47,755 I don't know, but just I just thought it would be interesting to talk about it because I know it affects a lot of people. 44 00:08:48,210 --> 00:08:48,979 Including us. 45 00:08:48,980 --> 00:08:49,980 Including us. 46 00:08:50,490 --> 00:08:51,490 Hopefully that's helpful. Yeah. 47 00:08:52,860 --> 00:09:31,661 Alright, well, changing gears, so I found this the other day on Facebook, I think someone shared it, tagged me in it, hatever it was, but Matilda, an echidna, has been found to have a crippling ant allergy, so crippling, that's a really good verb. That's like, or adjective in this case, it's as a way of saying that it's like... it prevents her from moving from doing a normal thing. She is crippled, right? By this thing, it's crippling, it's a crippling pain, it's a crippling disease, it's a crippling situation. It's a really good one, anyway so, what's an echidna, Kel? How would you explain what an echidna looks like? To put you on the spot. 48 00:09:32,060 --> 00:09:33,060 I don't know how to explain it... 49 00:09:33,450 --> 00:09:47,121 So, it's a monotreme and a monotreme is a type of mammal that lays eggs and they don't have breasts. They don't produce milk like most mammals do, they they secrete it through their skin in a location on their stomach, but it's not like, they don't have nipples, like marsupials. 50 00:09:50,471 --> 00:09:51,471 Is it that one with spikes? 51 00:09:53,300 --> 00:09:58,160 Yeah. So they're very spiky, they're like Australia's version of a hedgehog or a porcupine. 52 00:09:58,890 --> 00:09:59,469 Yeah. 53 00:09:59,470 --> 00:10:34,691 So these guys are monotremes. They only eat ants. So, that's why it was such a weird story because she had this crippling ant allergy where the ants that she ate, she was allergic to and so what happened was that she was brought in to Hillsville Sanctuary, which is a zoo that you can go and visit. It's in Victoria. It's, I think it's out east, so it's near Gippsland sort of between Melbourne and Gippsland, in the town of Hillsville, but she came in at like three months old. So she was a little, what they call a puggle, a puggle is a baby echidna, a puggle. 54 00:10:35,610 --> 00:10:56,340 And so, she was weaned off milk from her parent, her mother and then was meant to be eating ants and termites, but suddenly got like really puffy eyes and had a lot of, you know, infection on her belly and everything and so they did some tests and they found out that she's actually allergic to ants. 55 00:10:57,560 --> 00:10:58,560 Poor thing. So how come is she alive? 56 00:11:00,190 --> 00:11:42,105 Well, she got a special food developed by the keepers after they had done this really specific allergy tests so, what I'm looking at here is this video, this image on the on the article here where there's some specialty veterinary nurses doing some tests on her stomach. They had to shave the hair off they echidna and then they have to inject certain substances into the skin to see how it reacts. And so they obviously injected some kind of things in the diet, the ants and the termites chemicals and that's how they found it out. But they they made a special paste that they could feed her afterwards so, that she can just eat that now instead of the ants and she's is fine. 57 00:11:42,690 --> 00:11:44,092 But she'll never be released in the wild. 58 00:11:45,780 --> 00:11:46,369 She's in the zoo. 59 00:11:46,370 --> 00:11:46,727 Ok, good for her! 60 00:11:46,728 --> 00:11:48,885 Yeah so, I imagine if she got released into the wild... 61 00:11:48,886 --> 00:11:49,180 She would die. 62 00:11:49,181 --> 00:11:57,531 Well, that's it. Well, you know, vegans don't live very long if they are release into the wild. I think she'd be in a bit of trouble, but I thought that was an amazing story. 63 00:11:58,260 --> 00:12:03,910 That's so cool! I didn't know animals would get like food allergies. 64 00:12:04,171 --> 00:12:16,650 Well I guess to show you would imagine that animals get a lot of the same diseases and problems that we do, right? Imagine, there's probably hay fever for them. They probably suffer from cancers like we do, everything else. 65 00:12:16,820 --> 00:12:50,020 So, anyway, I thought that was a story worth sharing. I hope you guys have seen echidnas and if you haven't and you're living in Victoria, especially if you've got little kids, go check out Victoria's Hillsville Sanctuary because it's awesome, you get to see a lot of different native animals. It's sort of different from the normal zoo and the Werribee zoo, but they have a lot of things like platyplus and echnidas and wombats and like wedge tailed eagles. It's really cool, I have to take you there sometime. Anyway, thanks for joining us, guys. Hopefully you got a lot out of this episode and we'll chat to you again soon. 66 00:12:50,021 --> 00:12:50,525 Cool, see you next time! 67 00:12:51,094 --> 00:12:52,906 Kel is going to be bigger next time. 68 00:12:53,002 --> 00:12:56,220 I don't know if it's possible. 69 00:12:58,030 --> 00:12:58,828 See you, guys! I'm already really big.