1 00:00:10,920 --> 00:00:21,198 Alright, guys! Welcome to this episode of Aussie English. This is going to be a new type of episode , I guess, where I kind of recap the week with Kel. 2 00:00:21,398 --> 00:00:21,598 Yeah. 3 00:00:21,798 --> 00:00:37,183 This week's obviously been an interesting one, but Kel, I thought it would be a good chance today to talk about your pregnancy and what's going on with you because as of Monday this week, which was six days ago, you entered your third trimester. 4 00:00:37,383 --> 00:00:44,859 Yes, yes. So, now I am finishing my... is it 27, 27 weeks? 5 00:00:45,059 --> 00:00:48,399 I think so, yeah. You were twenty seven weeks, you entered the third trimester at 27. 6 00:00:48,599 --> 00:00:50,153 So I'll be over 28 on Monday. 7 00:00:50,353 --> 00:00:58,494 Exactly, yeah, how do you feel? Because I think the last time we sort of touch base with everyone was when you were in your second trimester, obviously. 8 00:00:58,694 --> 00:00:58,939 24? 9 00:00:59,139 --> 00:01:09,369 No, it would have been earlier than that, right? It wasn't weeks ago, it was longer than that, but how have things changed since then? How are you feeling? How are you feeling? 10 00:01:09,569 --> 00:01:23,019 I'm feeling great. Yeah like it is true that when you reach a second trimester, your energy comes back and I really saw that happening and... 11 00:01:23,219 --> 00:01:24,614 You're feeling pretty good for the second trimester, right? 12 00:01:24,814 --> 00:01:41,779 So, you know, it's still the same, I'm feeling good. I have a lot of energy. So, yeah I was doing my... carrying on with my life, I guess, just doing normal things. I've been exercising quite a lot. 13 00:01:41,979 --> 00:01:59,836 How have you been finding that? Has that been really difficult to sort of get used to? Because I know that they say that when you get pregnant, obviously, you gain weight, but your balance changes because your center of gravity shifts forward I take it and so, you have to kind of adapt to that, right? So, has it been difficult walking? You definitely can't right? 14 00:02:00,036 --> 00:02:01,934 I can't run at all. 15 00:02:02,134 --> 00:02:03,726 Is that because you're not allowed to or you just can't do it? 16 00:02:03,926 --> 00:02:12,857 No, I can run, I mean, let's say I was running three times a week before getting pregnant, it would be absolutely fine for me to keep doing that. 17 00:02:13,057 --> 00:02:13,694 Even from now? 18 00:02:13,894 --> 00:02:35,368 Yeah, probably because I haven't put a lot of weight on, it would be fine, as long as, you know, if I'm feeling comfortable and I have no other symptoms or things to be worried about. The thing is I am not a runner so, if I try to, you know, take up running now... 19 00:02:35,568 --> 00:02:36,152 All of a sudden. 20 00:02:36,352 --> 00:02:42,400 Yeah, that's when it can be dangerous because I'll be stressing my body when it's already under... 21 00:02:42,600 --> 00:02:43,029 A lot of stress. 22 00:02:43,229 --> 00:02:44,949 A lot of stress. 23 00:02:45,149 --> 00:02:54,621 Have there been any unforeseen things that have sort of popped up as you've become more and more pregnant? I guess, you're pregnant the whole time, but as you become larger and larger. 24 00:02:54,821 --> 00:02:55,374 Bigger. 25 00:02:55,574 --> 00:03:05,830 Bigger. Have there been any sort of things that have caught you off guard where you've gone oh, didn't expect that to happen? This is good. This is horrible. This is okay. 26 00:03:06,030 --> 00:03:32,518 Honestly, I didn't have any issues fine in a good position to sleep before, like you know, I would be tired just like I'll fall asleep, but then now it's really hard and I guess it's one; the belly is bigger and he is moving so much during the night. So he does wake me up. 27 00:03:32,718 --> 00:03:34,619 He wakes you up? 28 00:03:34,819 --> 00:03:35,271 Yeah, yeah. 29 00:03:35,471 --> 00:03:39,172 'Cause I knew he was keeping your awake, but I didn't realise he would wake you up. 30 00:03:39,372 --> 00:03:39,796 He does. 31 00:03:39,996 --> 00:03:40,629 No kidding?! 32 00:03:40,829 --> 00:03:45,549 Yeah because he kicks like my ribs or something, like somewhere around there. 33 00:03:45,749 --> 00:03:47,139 High up in the torso. 34 00:03:47,339 --> 00:03:54,510 And it hurts, depending on the position I kind of feel like oh, wow what's that? 35 00:03:54,710 --> 00:04:15,360 So, what would you liken it too? If you were trying to explain to, obviously, someone like me who's never going to have the chance of getting pregnant. What are those movements of a baby inside of you feel like? Because like it always gives me those horrifying images of the movie Alien, right? Where the thing comes out of the person's stomach after it's laid it's egg inside you. How does it feel? 36 00:04:15,560 --> 00:04:19,639 It is so hard to explain. It's the best thing ever. 37 00:04:19,839 --> 00:04:20,301 Really? 38 00:04:20,501 --> 00:04:29,426 Yeah, I love it. You get used to it like at the beginning I was like ''oh my God, he is moving!'' I would stop everything I was doing just like to hold my breath and just oh yeah... 39 00:04:29,626 --> 00:04:30,198 But now it's more like oh my God, he is moving... 40 00:04:30,398 --> 00:05:01,532 Now it's like ok, I know when he's going to be incredibly active and it's hard to explain, to be honest, I don't know. I mean, if i say it feels like something's moving inside you, it doesn't really help, right? But it literally... you feel movement inside your belly all the times, just like changing sides and it's not... it's really small, like he's not, obviously, he's not... he's tiny, he is not able to. 41 00:05:01,732 --> 00:05:03,896 But it's pressure, is it? In different places. 42 00:05:04,096 --> 00:05:13,802 Yeah, a lot of pressure pressure in different places. Yeah, it is funny. There was one night he had hiccups. 43 00:05:14,002 --> 00:05:17,970 You're telling me that, I was like what? How do you know he's got hiccups? 44 00:05:18,170 --> 00:05:25,153 Because, I didn't know, when I was, when I felt it I was like that's weird because he was with rhythm? 45 00:05:25,353 --> 00:05:26,077 Rhythmic. 46 00:05:26,277 --> 00:05:40,933 Yeah, rhythmic, he was kicking by he was like, it was sort of...I don't know, it was really weird, as if he was listening to music which just following the rhythm, like what? And then the next day I spoke with his sister and she was like oh the hiccups. 47 00:05:41,133 --> 00:06:06,920 So, what kind of rhythm was that? Was that like African drums, what that samba? That's so bizarre. I guess he needs to do that, though, in order to strengthen up his diaphragm, right? For breathing once he comes out. And that's why he's pushing and kicking, he's strengthening up those muscles. Otherwise they're not going to be there when, he is just going to be this flat little baby that can't move because, right? Because he hasn't strengthened up. 48 00:06:07,120 --> 00:06:19,109 Yeah, it is funny. We were talking about it the other day when you see like videos and just women giving birth and the baby comes out it freaks out because there's so much space around. 49 00:06:19,309 --> 00:06:28,639 Yeah, you always see them put their arms out, right? And they're like ''I've never had this much space that I can expand my body into!'' and then they bring their legs and their arms back into their body really close. 50 00:06:28,839 --> 00:06:32,399 That's why swaddling is so good for them. 51 00:06:32,599 --> 00:06:40,729 Do you want to explain what swaddling is? It's a good word Swad, swaddling, swaddling. That's a good word. 52 00:06:40,929 --> 00:06:41,650 It is basically... 53 00:06:41,850 --> 00:06:57,511 I didn't know this verb also, guys, before Kel got pregnant. I'm I'm 32 years old and I have an English native speaker and I had never heard this verb before to swaddle something, it sounds waddle, right? Like da duck, but with an S in front of it, swaddle. 54 00:06:57,711 --> 00:07:08,481 So, it basically is a technique that you have a piece of cloth or like a blanket and you wrap your baby up. 55 00:07:08,681 --> 00:07:09,070 Wrap. 56 00:07:09,270 --> 00:07:09,636 Wrap. Yes. 57 00:07:09,836 --> 00:07:15,350 You could rub your baby whilst you've wrapped your baby. 58 00:07:15,550 --> 00:07:27,932 So, he is, it is tight, but is not uncomfortable for the baby and it's good enough, I mean, it's tight enough for him not to be able to move like to spread his legs. 59 00:07:28,132 --> 00:07:30,910 So keeps him calm because he gets kept in that kind of tight position. 60 00:07:31,110 --> 00:07:35,922 And it reminds him or her of the. 61 00:07:36,122 --> 00:07:36,860 Being in the womb. 62 00:07:37,060 --> 00:08:04,235 Yeah. There's a bunch of things you can do to recreate the environment he was before like. So, it's like five Ss technique, one of them is swaddling and then side when you put your baby like you put him in your arm, but like with the belly down and then shushing when you do like shushhh shusshhhhh 63 00:08:04,435 --> 00:08:18,043 You were telling me about the Brazilian way of doing that which is like tssss tsss tsss at least for your part of Brazil and the North there, from your family, maybe, I don't know if this is ubiquitous across all of Brazil, but it was funny, Kel was like yeah you just go tss tss tss. 64 00:08:18,243 --> 00:08:50,469 Yeah and I'll explain that in a sec, but then then you have swinging, I think, when you just rock like you just little bit of... you dance a little bit with the baby. So you have some sort of movement going on and it apparently does help the baby to calm down. The thing with the tss tss tss it is so instinctive like every time I have a baby, not that I have a lot of babies around me, but like every time I'm holding a baby, I go like tss tss tss and I was reading about it. 65 00:08:50,669 --> 00:08:53,036 And them moving them, right? You're moving them up and down and going shuuuss shushuss. 66 00:08:53,236 --> 00:09:09,910 I was reading about it and I was so happy when I found out there is actually, there's actually research behind it. It's actually a thing like that's why we do it, it is so nice and I hope those techniques will work for us. 67 00:09:10,110 --> 00:09:32,592 I guess that's one way to find out. What are you forseeing happening? We've got, How long have we got left? three months, less than three months now. It's the final countdown, we're getting there so, we've got what, is due on the 10th of June. So do you think what are we putting like 50 bucks onI if it's going to come before the 15th of June, the 10th of June or afterwards. I reckon it's going be afterwards. 68 00:09:32,792 --> 00:09:32,831 I think afterwards. 69 00:09:33,031 --> 00:09:33,231 No, I have to go before. 70 00:09:33,431 --> 00:09:36,982 Oh, well... 71 00:09:37,182 --> 00:09:41,229 No, I can go before. Right, I bet you 50 bucks it's going to come early. 72 00:09:41,429 --> 00:09:45,045 It does worry me a little bit if it comes early, because... 73 00:09:45,245 --> 00:09:52,639 Well, it's a two edged blade, right? If it comes late, it's going to be big, if it comes early, it's going to be small, but you want it to sort of be on the... 74 00:09:52,839 --> 00:10:17,199 It is so funny because, to be honest, no one knows when he's coming here. He can decide to come tomorrow, but the thing is we feel like as you approach your like 32 week or something like that it feels okay somehow I'm ready for it, but it's actually not true, because you're never going to be ready for it, it's going to happen. 75 00:10:17,399 --> 00:10:25,461 How do you think you're going to react? You think you're going to take it in your stride or do you think it's going to be something where you're going to be oh my God? 76 00:10:25,661 --> 00:10:27,540 You mean giving birth for raising a child? 77 00:10:27,740 --> 00:11:26,870 I mean when you're suddenly, your waters break, right? And all of a sudden you know shit gets real, right? Where all of a sudden the penny drops then you're like oh my God this is happening, right? Because for now it's kind of late the thing is there and it's sort of like I remember when I had to get my wisdom teeth out. This is a weird analogy, but I had to get my wisdom teeth out and it wasn't real until the day that I was in the car driving to the surgery and then it was kind of like crap... now I feel nervous and so I know until that happens at least with the birth and your pregnancy it's like okay it's happening, it's happening, but there's no kind of sense of, for me at least, there's no sense of anticipation or dread in the way that like, you know, it's not, I'm not thinking about all the time, it's not like oh God here we go like it's going to happen, but I know on the day, as soon as your waters break, that's going to hit me, that's when it's going to be like oh Jesus, get in the car, get to the chopper! Get to the hospital! 78 00:11:27,070 --> 00:11:58,659 It is hard to explain because part of me is worried about the pain, obviously, and you know, if you know you have something uncomfortable you have to go through it, you won't feel, you know, comfortable with it. You'll feel a bit nervous, I guess, that's for everyone, but there's another side of me that is like really I just want to do it, like I just want to get it done, like and then I don't have to. 79 00:11:58,859 --> 00:11:59,349 Think about it. 80 00:11:59,549 --> 00:11:59,712 Think about it. 81 00:11:59,912 --> 00:12:01,540 That's what happened to me recently, right? 82 00:12:01,740 --> 00:13:03,640 So yeah we went to the doctor because I had to get a prescription filled out and I talked about this in the video about meditation that I put up recently on YouTube. And we went in there and I was like, you know, can I just get this new prescription? And she's like ''How's your liver?'', I'm like what? And she's like when was the last time you had your blood checked to have a look at your liver and how it's functioning? And I was like, I don't know, five years, maybe ago, and she was like yeap, blood test! And so I, as I said in the video on YouTube I absolutely hate needles. I don't know. I feel like such a wuss, such a chicken when it comes to needles. Kel has her thing with bugs, although she's doing very well, today we had a praying mantis, a little insect that catches flies it was on her hand, she was loving it, but so I said straight away okay, alright, book me in now, I'm going to go over there and get the blood because it's going to freak me out. I don't want it hanging over me, you know, because chances are I'll freak out and not do it, right? If I have to get in and then come in. So, went straight over there and did it, freaked out a little bit, but got it done, smashed it out! 83 00:13:03,840 --> 00:13:10,690 You did really well. I mean, if I didn't know you were like nervous about it, I would be like he is fine, absolute fine. 84 00:13:10,890 --> 00:13:52,586 It's sort of like birds, you know? How birds go to the vet when they're sick, you don't know that a bird is sick until it's dead. Because they're so good at hiding any kind of weakness. That's a really funny thing. Maybe it's just me because I'm a biology student, but any time you see a bird that's been injured, you know, usually you think oh it doesn't look that bad and you put it in a box and you take it to the vet and it's dead when it arrives. Yeah. So, quite often it's like that with birds, they're just very good at hiding how bad things really are and I think I'm the same with having to have my blood taken, I was sitting there literally shitting myself, just like don't think about it, don't think about it, talk about something else. 85 00:13:52,786 --> 00:13:56,394 It's one of those things, it was so much better that you just did it. 86 00:13:56,594 --> 00:14:07,970 Well and that's unfair, right? Because you can't do that with pregnancy. It takes nine months, 10 months for it to wind up, right? 87 00:14:08,170 --> 00:14:28,040 I guess I understand how you feel about, you know, needles and things, it's just this one uncomfortable thing you have to do and part of you is like I want to avoid it, and the other side of you is like I just want to get it done and I don't have to think about it again. So, that's pretty much how I feel. 88 00:14:28,240 --> 00:14:44,800 It's a peculiar thing, right? Because it's about your health, it's about your wellbeing, you know, and yet a lot of us are like that when it comes to things that are related to help, going to the dentist, going to the doctor, getting surgery when you've got cancer or something a lot of people are like...I don't want to go through that even though it's in your best interests to freak you out, right? 89 00:14:45,000 --> 00:15:11,676 It is funny, I was thinking about it the other day, even calling the hospital, I think twice and then three times and then four times before like okay I need to call the hospital, like the other day I had some weird pain and it really felt like contractions and I'm like ok I'll call the midwife and then took me three hours, the pain went away and I was like oh well I'm fine. I'm not calling. It's just so... 90 00:15:11,876 --> 00:15:15,973 What were they? They were Braxton Hicks contractions or were they ligament stretchers that happen. 91 00:15:16,173 --> 00:15:17,180 Round ligament pain. 92 00:15:17,380 --> 00:15:18,940 Round ligament pain. 93 00:15:19,140 --> 00:15:20,548 I don't know what it was. 94 00:15:20,748 --> 00:15:22,270 It was one of two. 95 00:15:22,470 --> 00:15:25,084 One; Braxton Hicks are not supposed to be painful,. 96 00:15:25,284 --> 00:15:25,484 Well, probably it wasn't that. 97 00:15:25,684 --> 00:16:12,875 But then it was way too strong to be round ligament pain. So, I don't know what happened. I'm sure everything's fine. Like, I wasn't bleeding or anything, but it was scary, but it was good that it happened, because I...although I wasn't crying or anything, but my my blood pressure went really low and I was feeling sick, but I was freaking out, but it was good that it happened because now..let's say it happens again and it is contractions, I'm having contractions, right? I have to be calm, I can't let the fear or whatever it is to take ove me. 98 00:16:13,075 --> 00:17:03,079 Well, it's one of those things too, it's crazy, right? Because as a man we don't ever, at least as far as I know, experience pain like that where it's part of a positive process in your body, right? There's not ever going to be anything that a man has to go through where his body is going to suddenly give him sharp pains repeatedly, whether during a period of time or at the end of it, yeah but that is a positive thing for the body, right? So, it must be so weird being pregnant and having to, at least for the first time, having to sort of negotiate those waters you know uncertainty and this is really painful and under normal circumstances I would be like get to the hospital, but in this case it's like okay maybe it's my uterus stretching or something that's positive and the baby needs has to happen so I can't imagine that situation. You're very brave. 99 00:17:03,279 --> 00:17:44,980 I just hope like next time it happens, whatever it is, if it is real labor or if it's like my body getting ready for labor later on, I just hope I can you know be more calm and just deal with it in a better way because I was, because I didn't know what it was, and I'm like it's way too early for me to give birth and I got nervous about it. It is a cycle, you can't... if you feel so nervous you can't control yourself, the pain is only going to get worse. So, it is important for me to ok, it might happen again and I just have to be calm. 100 00:17:45,180 --> 00:17:59,270 Alright, well, man, almost 20 minutes talking about pregnancy. Thanks for all of the men and non-pregnant women, probably the majority of the listenership. Thanks for hanging with us. What did you want to talk about now? There are a few things to chat about? 101 00:17:59,470 --> 00:18:01,280 What your Portuguese? 102 00:18:01,480 --> 00:18:02,730 What about my Portuguese? 103 00:18:02,930 --> 00:18:06,551 In your new YouTube channel that is doing really well. 104 00:18:06,751 --> 00:18:08,330 We can talk about that. It's pretty bizarre. It's pretty bizarre. 105 00:18:08,530 --> 00:18:10,309 It's great. It's great. 106 00:18:10,509 --> 00:18:54,710 So, I recently put up a video I guess talking about how I recommend you guys start a YouTube channel and practice your... whatever language you're learning, in this case, for the majority of you I assume, English and maybe something else. But I thought I would sort of do the walk the walk, as well as talk the talk, and give it a try. And I'd been wanting to for a while, but I hadn't thought my Portuguese was really up to scratch. I didn't think it was good enough. And then I realized that with Kel here I can just write the transcript and then run it past her, see if I'm not making any really dumb errors and my point is coming across in the videos and also obviously killing two birds with one stone, where I can do videos in English and then I just repeat that same video, but do that in Portuguese. 107 00:18:54,910 --> 00:18:56,150 Yeah. 108 00:18:56,350 --> 00:19:32,990 And yeah, it's been good, I think it's really helped because you have to go through the process of, obviously, I'm already making a video in English about teaching English but I want to do a new tube and then I have to translate that entire thing in Portuguese and make sure that it makes sense from the aspect of teaching from one language into the other language, right? So, teaching in Portuguese, but teaching English as opposed to just in English about English and then I have to get up and actually do it and so it's good because I get to do it in English so, I have an idea of okay this is what I want to, this sounds better. This I go through this system I do this order, whatever, but my God, it takes a lot longer. 109 00:19:33,190 --> 00:19:37,680 I love how different the first, I mean, you've only, I think you've done three videos, right? 110 00:19:37,880 --> 00:19:38,901 Four. 111 00:19:39,101 --> 00:19:48,949 Four. The first one is so different from the last one where you're so much more confident and like yeah it is getting better and better I guess you just have to keep doing it. 112 00:19:49,149 --> 00:20:49,960 That's the thing right it's just it's just repetition, repetition, repetition, but Jesus! The amount of times I have to repeat myself for the most basic statement and it's really funny too, it shows me the difference between my writing and when it comes to actually standing up there and saying the stuff that I have to say because I can sit there and I can write and I can think and I can write out complicated sentences that are pretty long, but I didn't realize until the other day that I was shooting myself in the foot by doing that because as soon as I was in front of the camera and I'm trying to look straight at the camera while saying the lines some of them were like a paragraph along at one sentence and I was like dman it! Like I can't remember the whole thing. I would read it out and I'm like okay it makes sense, I know what I want to say, but then I freak out about having to say it perfectly which is the problem and that's why the most recent video I just sat down on the couch and just spoke to the camera and I made more mistakes than usual because it wasn't very well planned out, but it was much more natural. 113 00:20:50,160 --> 00:21:11,200 Absolutely, yeah. It is much more natural. There was something I was telling you today that you got to such a good level in Portuguese that confuses me because we are trying to speak only in Portuguese at home from...has been like there for a long while. 114 00:21:11,400 --> 00:21:15,740 When did we start? To sort of sidetrack the story, we started that in Canberra. 115 00:21:15,940 --> 00:21:16,220 In Canberra. 116 00:21:16,420 --> 00:22:49,262 So that would have been, what? Mid last year hwne we started doing it, maybe July because we left in September and we'd done it for a few months before that. So, it must have been July where we'd been talking at home in Portuguese for maybe two months and there were four other people in the house who were Brazilian speakers. I think that's I really liked that process because I'm not in Brazil, I'm in Australia, but it speaks to the fact that immersion really helps, even if you're not in the country and that's the thing that, you know, not to toot my own horn, but I see, I meet a lot of people who are learning English and they've been in Australia for a long time and they haven't, you know, I've surpassed their level in English, but in Portuguese and quite often it's because they surround themselves with their own native speakers from their own country which goes to show that coming to the country isn't necessarily, you know, the solution or the easy way of learning English even if you come here you still have to do the work of, you know, living with as many English speakers as possible or working with them, interacting with them, making friends with them, doing hobbies with them and if you don't do that use your shooting yourself in the foot and it's going to take you twice as long. So, but that sucked, that sucked, my God! The number of times I was like just I felt retarded I like to be politically incorrect. You guys would get around the table and be, you know, a few drinks down and be talking five of you in Portuguese. 117 00:22:49,462 --> 00:22:52,160 Much quicker then we would like normally, because we were drunk. 118 00:22:52,360 --> 00:23:49,950 Well, not even that, but I know how you guys feel like you're the listener, I know how you guys feel when you're surrounded by Australians just rabbiting on and the pace of the conversation all of a sudden, it feels like it's two times, you know, 10 times as fast as usual because the the difference there I think is when you're having a one on one conversation you, as half of the conversation, have a lot of control over where the conversation goes, over the speed of the conversation, over the content of the conversation and as soon as there are multiple other people in there where you all of a sudden can say nothing and the conversation continues, you lose a lot of control and so, it gets out your hands quickly and native speakers anticipate so much, you don't realise how much your listening to someone speak, but at the same time is hearing the words they're saying you're thinking about the next thing you want to say, you're following, you're almost ahead of where they are with their words, right? And so that was a very difficult thing to learn with Portuguese. 119 00:23:50,150 --> 00:24:03,255 Maybe that why people feel so uncomfortable correcting the non-native speakers. Like, let's say I say something that is not correct, but you know what I meant. So you're probably not going to say anything. 120 00:24:03,455 --> 00:24:12,809 That's when you start to feel like an arsehole and you give me the look quite often if I'm correct you, where you just like...Pete... 121 00:24:13,009 --> 00:24:13,046 No, no it's not that. 122 00:24:13,246 --> 00:24:37,959 But it's fair, like, I'm not saying that because I'm trying to give you a hard time, I'm saying that because I understand and you do the same to me, I'll say something like I'll, you know, misconjugate if that's a word, I'll conjugate incorrectly some kind of verb and you'll correct me and I'll be like... come on! You knew what I meant and you have to remember, though, as the person being corrected like she's not doing that because she didn't understand you. She's doing that because she wants you to say correct yes next time. 123 00:24:38,159 --> 00:24:54,870 Yes, I don't mind, I mean, when it happens is like I think I feel frustrated at myself if anything, just like oh I got it wrong, but is not... I would never say "stop doing that" because I want to improve like I want to be... 124 00:24:55,070 --> 00:25:18,500 The funny thing I found and I noticed this with you as well and it goes back to what you were talking about with once you get to a level that you're so good that you start misunderstanding whether or not they're making mistakes and so you automatically assume they mean what they say, right? So, for instance, I remember an example with you was that in Portuguese it's perfectly fine to say something like me dá sal. 125 00:25:18,700 --> 00:25:18,888 Me dá o sal. 126 00:25:19,088 --> 00:25:34,185 Me dá o sal, sorry, there's a mistake. Give me the salt. Whereas if you were to literally translate that into English, that's rude, really rude. Because there's no please, there's no politeness, could you please give me the salt? So, you've done that a few times where you'd be like ''give me this''. 127 00:25:34,385 --> 00:25:38,039 Have I? 128 00:25:38,239 --> 00:26:37,259 Not recently, but it happened in the past and I remember that's where we had this conversation for the first time, right? And it's so funny because your level is so high that I assume you're being rude because there's no reason for me to be like oh she's just obviously, you know, confused that she shouldn't say it, because it's a correct sentence. That's nothing wrong with it, that is what you would say if you want to be rude and tell someone give me this thing! You know, give it to me. And that's the thing that happens, right? Eventually you get over that peak of you're a beginner, you're learning the language And even when you get things wrong people give you the benefit of the doubt and they never assume you're being rude. And then you get over the mountain, right? You get over it, you get past that point where any mistakes that you make instead of people giving you the benefit of the doubt, it either frustrates them or annoys them, right? I mean, you know, a lot of the time they just ignore them, but then there's sometimes things like that where there's a miscommunication and they don't take it as that they think you're being serious something, right? 129 00:26:37,459 --> 00:27:15,469 I remember once I said something like ''you would do this'' I think we had just started dating and I remember you got so... I mean, I wouldn't say you got upset because I think because you assumed I was, you know, I meant what I said, you were like whoooa that's a bit...but what I wanted to say was ''you shoudl'' it was a suggestion and I got confused with would and should and then you said oh because you got to such a good level that... 130 00:27:15,669 --> 00:27:25,161 I assume you're not making a mistake and that you mean what you say. That's it and so if you were to use ''you would do this if'', if you use that kind of structure it's very passive aggressive. 131 00:27:25,361 --> 00:27:26,295 Really? It is so funny. 132 00:27:26,495 --> 00:27:44,929 So like, you know, like if I was annoyed at you I might say ''well you would vacuum the floor if you loved me, you would do this If you..'' blah blah blah you would, you would. And so it's it's just obviously an anguish in that that exact sort of sequence is commonly used in that in that way. 133 00:27:45,129 --> 00:27:55,490 And so as soon as I heard that from you in that way it just it seemed to be coming that well if you blah blah blah you would do this and I was like whoa, where did I come from? 134 00:27:55,690 --> 00:28:22,427 And what I actually wanted to say was ''you should do this because I think it's going to work'' or you know, but it's funny because in Portuguese you can say the same thing, it depends on your intonation, actually, you can be incredibly rude saying just, you know, suggesting something or being incredibly passive aggressive just using different... 135 00:28:22,627 --> 00:28:35,179 Well, we had that today where a girl corrected me, right? Saying that you can't say ''bem feito'' which means little really well done, you can't say that in a positive way at least she was saying, you can only say that when you're sarcastic. They've screwed up. 136 00:28:35,379 --> 00:28:48,894 No, you can oh, bem feito! It's like well done! Because I remember when I went to, when I was living in Queensland my teacher would be... he was always saying good for you. 137 00:28:49,094 --> 00:28:49,294 Good on you. 138 00:28:49,494 --> 00:28:54,160 Good on you and and for me it sounds incredibly sarcastic and I thought... 139 00:28:54,360 --> 00:28:55,720 It can be both. 140 00:28:55,920 --> 00:29:04,373 Yes, it's one of those things, it's itthe same with ''bem feito'' I was like why is he so rude to me? And then he told me no, I'm actually encouraging you. 141 00:29:04,573 --> 00:29:18,435 Well, it's all on the tone. So, if someone wants to say Oh well done! You know like you can honestly, you can hear the honesty like really oh well done, but if someone says oh well done, you know, alright, they don't actually mean you did a good job. 142 00:29:18,635 --> 00:29:26,840 So, if you say ''bem feito'' that's great, but say bem feito it's like oh...I messed up. 143 00:29:27,040 --> 00:30:14,408 And that blew my mind recently with English because quite often we know or we realise that there are tonal languages, right? Like languages like Thai or Chinese where if you change the tone in which you say a word it changes the meaning, right? Like in Chinese you can say I think there are four or five different tones, well there's neutral and then there's like...and that changes the word meaning. And I didn't realise that we have that in English, but we don't use that necessarily with words, we use that for phrases where obviously, you know, you realise with questions like you're going to do this later? And it comes up at the end, but even even if I was to say... what does that mean? 144 00:30:14,608 --> 00:30:14,919 Yeap. 145 00:30:15,119 --> 00:30:17,720 Yeah, exactly. And if I said... 146 00:30:17,920 --> 00:30:18,028 No. 147 00:30:18,228 --> 00:30:35,250 Exactly, right? And so one of them is going...it's going upwards and the other one is going... which is going downwards, right? And it's so funny that they're exactly the same sound....and and yet they mean opposite things and we get that from the tone. 148 00:30:35,450 --> 00:30:50,561 Is the same thing with whatever. Because also happened to me, someone asked me, my teacher in Townsville asked me: what do you prefer? I have two names and I said ''oh, whatever''. 149 00:30:50,761 --> 00:30:55,500 He was just like Jesus, ok... because that would mean that you don't care. 150 00:30:55,700 --> 00:30:58,933 I don't care. That's what I want to say. I don't mind, you choose. 151 00:30:59,133 --> 00:31:09,849 And that's the same, you could say that with I don't care. It can be both it could be like I don't care, all good or I don't care, and you'd be like whoa! Jesus, take it easy! 152 00:31:10,049 --> 00:31:13,749 It all depends on your intonation, I guess, and how you say things. 153 00:31:13,949 --> 00:32:52,050 Yeah, exactly, but man, I found too just how hard it is with Portuguese to make gains, once you get to this level, especially when inside the household you and I are talking and we're just talking about the same shit all the time and so I get really good at that and I feel like ok, like I feel like if we're talking about what I want to have for lunch today, I'm effectively a native, like I am so good. If I want to say to you in the present tense I am having lunch, I will nail that 100 out of 100 times, but the moment the conversation shifts on to something unusual like today we were talking about an AI, artificial intelligence, in Portuguese and I mean, I could talk about it, but the amount of effort required and the amount of forethought I had to constantly be like ok can I say this Kel? How do you say artificial intelligence? How do you say this this thing of like, what was it? Circumvent, I wanted to say all these these words in English that come to me very quickly, But it it just really shows me that you kind of build this core around the language of all the common stuff that you use, right? That helps you navigate it but true fluency and proficiency in the language is so much more study and so much more reading and so much more television and podcasts and just the I always thought ah you go from A1 to A2 and B2 and the distance between them is all the same, but it's like it's exponentially bigger each one, right? I might be maybe B2, I would guess, at the moment with Portuguese and then you get there and your like you know I'm on the top of a little anthill and there's Everest over there and you're like That's C1 C2. 154 00:32:52,250 --> 00:33:26,798 I noticed something interest during our conversation of artificial intelligence. We were speaking in Portuguese so, let's say I had an advantage, but I was struggling to express my ideas because that's not, it is not something I talk about all the time. Whereas for you, speaking a different language, you were like just saying everything you wanted to say really well because that's one of your topic interests, like you read about it, you listen to podcasts about it. So, it all comes down to, as a suggestion... 155 00:33:26,998 --> 00:33:32,319 Your exposure in whatever language. 156 00:33:32,519 --> 00:33:50,526 You go for the things you already like in a different language, like I can, yes I can speak English, but I can't talk about artificial intelligence in Portuguese because that's no, although I love, I like those topics, it's not something I've read about all the time. 157 00:33:50,726 --> 00:34:09,332 Well, that happened to me with with birth and being pregnant, right? All of a sudden you're pregnant and I was like Jesus, I don't know how to talk about this in Portuguese, like I could say it in English, but even in English I didn't know a lot of the terms and I'm having to learn the English and in Portuguese at the same time. 158 00:34:09,532 --> 00:34:23,451 So, even like say the I'm the Portuguese native speaker, you did much better than me because that's your...I was out of my depth, you know what I mean? I was like ok, that's what I think, but I don't really know how to put it. 159 00:34:23,651 --> 00:34:31,801 I at least knew what I wanted to say in English and I could sort of get around it and translate, you know, whether or not it was perfect you could understand what I was trying to say in Portuguese. 160 00:34:32,001 --> 00:34:48,805 But I guess it's to show, say you're learning English, why are you going to learn English or reading whatever like, surgeries or giving birth, if that's not what are you interested in? 161 00:34:49,005 --> 00:35:22,524 It needs to be relevant, right? It's one of those things obviously if you're listening to this podcast, you know, if you're not pregnant and you're a man and you're a single man who's not pregnant then a lot of the vocab isn't necessarily going to be something you want to learn actively because you're going to not be talking about this sort of stuff, but it's still good to have exposure to it and have that reference at that at some point, right? So, that's why I like talking about these different topics with you Kel because lots of different words come out, different expressions and it's just good to have at least had that passive experience with it for a lot of speakers or a lot of learners of English. 162 00:35:22,724 --> 00:35:24,900 Definitely. 163 00:35:25,100 --> 00:35:30,246 Awesome, well we should shift on to recent events in New Zealand maybe and mention those. 164 00:35:30,446 --> 00:35:31,249 It's so sad. 165 00:35:31,449 --> 00:35:37,210 It is incredibly sad. So, obviously, what it was yesterday, right? 166 00:35:37,410 --> 00:35:40,151 Yeah I think it was yesterday, at least... 167 00:35:40,351 --> 00:36:29,046 Yeah, It was yesterday at about lunchtime a guy went into a mosque or two mosques in New Zealand and has killed like 50 people, which is incredibly tragic, incredibly insane especially when we found out later on the guy's Australian Yeah and it just seemed like it seemed like a nightmare because he streamed it live online so, that people, who even knew about him, could it watch it. But I think the craziest thing about it for me is just how much he planned it all in a country like New Zealand that has such strict gun laws. He wasn't on the radar of anyone, they didn't know who he was, they didn't think they had to worry about him at all and he got all these guns that aren't even for sale legally in New Zealand and then went in and killed all these people. 168 00:36:29,246 --> 00:36:59,600 Yeah.I don't know, we are always listening to crime podcasts and real real crime stories and things like that, and it shows me like people are capable of the most horrible things. You just need, you know, some sort of motivation, I don't know whatever motivates those people, but you can't always assume oh that's not going to happen. It could be in Melbourne, it could be anywhere. 169 00:36:59,800 --> 00:38:08,609 And I think that's what hits home at least in this case, right? You would expect it to occur in Australia before New Zealand like...New Zealand is tiny and it just seemed insane. But I think the thing that blew my mind on top of that was just how contrived, not contrived, how well planned out it was for him to do all of that because not only, obviously, did he go and kill so many people, but he's tried to do it in a way that will pit the left versus the right politically against each other. So, he mentioned for example Pudi pior one of the world's biggest YouTube as he said subscribed to Pewdiepie at the start of his live stream because he knew that that would get the media blaming Pewdiepie. Obviously, he's not going to you know agree with what this horrible dude has done and there were a whole bunch of things that he has done or said and people that he named like Trump and there's a woman a conservative woman from the US called Candace Olwen's that he did intentionally, even though he doesn't necessarily like them, because he knows that that's going to get the left, the left side of politics to attack those people. 170 00:38:08,809 --> 00:38:22,948 And so, he was doing it not because he necessarily even knew who those people were that he was going to end up killing, but because he was just trying to sew divide between it and cause a race war or a war, political war between these two sides and it's just insane. 171 00:38:23,148 --> 00:39:00,804 Absolutely. It is so it is so horrible, as if we didn't have enough like, you know, arguments and sides and divisions and things like that in society. It's just so hard, I don't know, it is to show that there are crazy people everywhere and people take things way too far because I'm sure, you know, although we do have some let's say right and left and people have different opinions it doesn't mean that you can't live together, right? We can't be in society together. 172 00:39:01,004 --> 00:40:34,380 Well, that's the problem. The problem occurs when when dialectic breaks down, when you can no longer have conversations with people and talk about your problems and I guess that was his thing, he didn't want people to be able to talk about their problems. He just wants that to be a conflict straight away so, that you know hopefully, I would imagine, in his mind his side of the, the right wins. And it's weird, though, because you wonder how much it's going to do the opposite of what he wants. You know, it'll be interesting to see how it plays out and this is part of why also he didn't shoot himself or have a fight with police at the end I would imagine like Anders Breivik the guy in Norway who got onto the island and killed 70 children and then just handed himself into police. He wanted a stand, right? He wanted to be able to stand on a podium and say this is why I did it. These are my beliefs. This is you know I want to be a martyr effectively and I think this guy's going to do the same thing where he's obviously handed himself in his wanting his name to get into the news, he wants to get as much coverage as possible and it's just...it's insane that, you know, you just never would have thought in 2019 you could have mass killings live streamed online. That was... even though, obviously, now thinking about it, well it's not very hard, you just need a phone and a gun but for me it's just like I'd never even thought that that someone would be that you know just loopy to do that. 173 00:40:34,580 --> 00:40:44,486 Absolutely crazy. I mean I don't know. After all the podcasts we listened to and all the horrible crimes... 174 00:40:44,686 --> 00:41:57,043 Well, I think the biggest thing, though, the reason to listen to those and the reason that so many people with this guy as well have, you know, looked online, watched his video, watched the livestream, they've been watching the news and I get sucked into it as well and want to watch the news is because you want to understand how people like this do it. You want to understand how can someone who grew up in Australia and, at least according to the news and what he wrote in his manifesto, had a normal upbringing, he wasn't abused as a kid, he wasn't you know raised as a racist child, that like all the more questions to it, right? Because you're like how does this normal person from Australia end up killing 50 people in in New Zealand, right? And going into two mosques and just killing these people that he doesn't even know, right? And the weirdest thing was that his manifesto was all about him being annoyed with Muslims coming into Europe and the atrocities that they'd done there in the past. So, you know I think he's effectively blaming the Ottomans and then he goes into a mosque and kills Muslims who aren't Ottoman's. It's kind of like... it just doesn't make any sense. So, I mean and that's the whole point, it wasn't meant to make sense, it was meant to sow divide and cause, but...mind blowing. 175 00:41:57,243 --> 00:42:02,259 Really sad, I feel really sorry for all the victims and families affected by this horrible thing. 176 00:42:02,459 --> 00:42:27,890 I can't imagine, I hope they pull through ok, though. I know, it's crazy for New Zealand because Christchurch, if you guys aren't ware, that that's the city where it occurred in New Zealand, had an earthquake a few years ago, I don't remember the exact year, but they had a big earthquake that smashed the city as well. So, loads of people died, buildings collapsed and so it's been one thing after another for somewhere like Christchurch. 177 00:42:28,090 --> 00:42:35,699 Anyway. What can we finish on that isn't such a somber note, right? Like what else can we talk about before we end the podcast for today? 178 00:42:35,899 --> 00:42:39,089 I think we covered everything. 179 00:42:39,289 --> 00:42:43,273 You've got a baby shower tomorrow Kel and it's your birthday. 180 00:42:43,473 --> 00:42:43,673 It's my birthday! Yay! 181 00:42:43,873 --> 00:42:45,279 Are you excited? 182 00:42:45,479 --> 00:42:58,274 I am. It took me awhile to get convinced to have a baby shower and I guess, I mean, I have to be honest, I'm a bit reluctant with everything related to pregnancy. I don't know, it's just... 183 00:42:58,474 --> 00:43:01,509 Do you want to explain first what is a baby shower. 184 00:43:01,709 --> 00:43:11,229 Well, it's some sort of party you have so you invite people over, you have food, drinks if you want... 185 00:43:11,429 --> 00:43:12,590 But who is the a party for, Kel? 186 00:43:12,790 --> 00:43:14,019 For the baby! 187 00:43:14,219 --> 00:43:15,170 That isn't born yet, exactly. 188 00:43:15,370 --> 00:43:25,500 Yeah, it is party of the baby, it's a party for the girl, the pregnant lady, let's say, for her to celebrate being pregnant and for the baby to be welcomed. 189 00:43:25,700 --> 00:43:28,820 Pre welcomed, pre welcomed. 190 00:43:29,020 --> 00:43:34,729 And then usually, if you are really traditional, you only have girls. 191 00:43:34,929 --> 00:43:37,015 You mean, girlfriends, your mates who are women come over. 192 00:43:37,215 --> 00:43:44,694 So, men...some people like oh men are not, you know, invited. 193 00:43:44,894 --> 00:43:45,094 Wish that would be an option. 194 00:43:45,294 --> 00:43:50,359 No, because I don't care about those things and I think it's really silly. 195 00:43:50,559 --> 00:43:53,509 She dragged me into it. 196 00:43:53,709 --> 00:43:59,858 I'm having, you know, people are bringing their partners and you're going to be here anyway so it's fine. 197 00:44:00,058 --> 00:44:02,463 It's going to be good. There's going to be a lot of Brazilians so, I get to practise Portuguese. 198 00:44:02,663 --> 00:44:02,863 A lot of Brazilians, a lot of foods. 199 00:44:03,063 --> 00:44:10,810 Two birds, one stone let's do this. Baby shower and Portuguese and birthday, three stones! Three birds, one stone! 200 00:44:11,010 --> 00:44:14,959 And you usually get nappies or whatever you need for the baby. 201 00:44:15,159 --> 00:44:21,221 My favourite kind of present, I love nappies. 202 00:44:21,421 --> 00:44:30,494 People bring you stuff, but as I was saying, it took me awhile to be in the mood to be like ok, let's do it, and I'm doing it on my birthday so, is actually like.... 203 00:44:30,694 --> 00:44:34,240 Justified, you can justify it. So, who talked you around? Because I know... 204 00:44:34,440 --> 00:44:36,027 My friend Thalita. 205 00:44:36,227 --> 00:44:41,575 You've named her, look out, maybe she'll be listening to this podcast, you've thrown her into the shit. 206 00:44:41,775 --> 00:44:45,609 But I told her, thank you, because without you... 207 00:44:45,809 --> 00:44:46,930 I wouldn't have done this. 208 00:44:47,130 --> 00:45:03,840 Yes, I would just be like, you know, I don't have time, I don't have money, I don't want to have no more work to do and the funny thing is usually your friends do it for you. Like or your sisters or, you know, women in your family, it's not something you organise. 209 00:45:04,040 --> 00:45:12,590 And obviously your family over in Brazil has been so lazy to not fly out to Australia and organise this for you. 210 00:45:12,790 --> 00:45:32,046 She did convince me to have a party and I think it's going to be good because, who knows? Time flies and everyone's like enjoy it as much as you can because it gets hard and, you know, you blink your baby will be running around. So, I want to have those memories and... 211 00:45:32,246 --> 00:45:35,650 I think it will be good, but it will be a lot of junk food. 212 00:45:35,850 --> 00:45:36,265 A lot of food. 213 00:45:36,465 --> 00:45:43,089 I'll have to behave, far out, it's going to be a lot of food, a lot of cake. She's already made cupcakes today. 214 00:45:43,289 --> 00:45:51,234 We have cupcakes. We have two cakes because I got a cake as a present from a friend, your mum's making a cake and I have... 215 00:45:51,434 --> 00:45:55,224 It's funny what it's like why can't we just make healthy food? 216 00:45:55,424 --> 00:46:03,873 No one will come, if you say, go one and have have vegetables.... this is like why? No. 217 00:46:04,073 --> 00:46:12,986 Far out! Well, guys, we'll have to let you know how it goes. It's going to be a big party, I'll have to try and find somewhere to hide if it gets a bit too girly or baby. 218 00:46:13,186 --> 00:46:20,409 It's not going to be girly, but you may feel overwhelmed because you've been speaking Portuguese in English and having to like switch all the time between the languages. 219 00:46:20,609 --> 00:46:22,090 Maybe I just won't switch, I'll just stick in one. 220 00:46:22,290 --> 00:46:25,285 Maybe just speak in Portuguese. Your family will be like what? 221 00:46:25,485 --> 00:46:31,776 Não falo Inglês, I don't speak English, sorry, not today, every other day I speak English, today's Portuguese. 222 00:46:31,976 --> 00:46:33,037 Yeah. 223 00:46:33,237 --> 00:46:37,929 Awesome, Kel, good on you! Kel was the one who was like ''get on here, we'll do a podcast, we'll chat about some stuff' 224 00:46:38,129 --> 00:46:40,616 I didn't know what I wanted to talk about. I was like let's just talk. 225 00:46:40,816 --> 00:46:46,306 Kel's like I want as an excuse to speak English, it's been too long, I've been speaking bloody Portuguese in the house. 226 00:46:46,506 --> 00:46:53,970 I was with your mum today and I've put it on Instragram "I'm so happy I'm speaking English!" because I'm speaking Portuguese all the time. 227 00:46:54,170 --> 00:46:57,500 I'm selfish, but I need to learn as much as possible before the baby is born. 228 00:46:57,700 --> 00:47:05,050 I know, fair enough, I have much more exposure to English than you have to Portuguese, so... 229 00:47:05,250 --> 00:47:16,064 I know, that's it, what would you call it? Like a first world problems for cross lingual couples, I don't know. 230 00:47:16,264 --> 00:47:17,951 Parents, parents to be. 231 00:47:18,151 --> 00:47:20,754 That's it. Anyway, thanks for joining us, guys, and we'll see you soon. 232 00:47:20,954 --> 00:47:21,154 Bye! 233 00:47:21,354 --> 00:47:21,554 See ya.