oɪ – e.g. joy, hoist

Listen to the audio file and repeat these words aloud.

hoist – hst
moist – mst
boy/buoy – b
toy – t
annoy – əˈn
coy – k
lawyer – ˈl
ploy – pl
void – vd
joy – ʤ
destroy – dəsˈtr

oɪ – Tongue Twisters

Practice phrases to read out loud:

  1. The toy annoyed the boy.
  2. She plays coy with the boys in Fitzroy.
  3. You spoil the soil and toil with the coin.
  4. The tomboy was employed as a lawyer.
  5. I foisted my joy on the busboy named Roy.
  6. We destroyed the moist buoy in the void made of foil.
  7. I heard a noise that was his voice coming from that joint.
  8. The schoolboy aimed to deploy a toy made of bok choy.
  9. There’s nothing enjoyable in an annoying ploy to destroy employees.
  10. Do you enjoy metal alloys employed to make these annoying buoys?