æɔ – e.g. foul, now

Listen to the audio file and repeat these words aloud.

howl/how‘ll – hæɔl
foul/fowl – fæɔl
crowd – kæɔd 
loud – læɔd 
bow – bæɔ 
bowed – bæɔd 
now – næɔ 
cow – kæɔ 
cloud – klæɔd 
plough/plow – plæɔ 
owl – æɔl 
scowl – skæɔl 
towel – ˈtæɔl

æɔ – Tongue Twisters

Practice phrases to read out loud:

  1. The cow scowled at the towel.
  2. The owl ploughed through the cloud.
  3. Now there’s a foul smell in the crowd.
  4. The clown made a loud growl in town.
  5. How will we get around to moving down town?
  6. I bowed down to the crowd in my lounge room.
  7. The king’s heavy crown drowned him in the brown water.
  8. The cow lounged around on a mound of dirt on the ground.
  9. The music was so loud the sound caused my head to pound.
  10. There was no loud sound when the owl frowned at the ground.