13. Speaking Exercise

Topic Progress:

Pete and Kel have a date night tonight where they’re meant to switch off their phones and go out together.

Kel’s just got home from work, walked in the door, and started discussing the plans with Pete.

Kel: Hey, I’m home!

Pete: Hey, beautiful. How was your day?

Kel: Not too bad. I was flat out like a lizard drinking with meetings one after the other all day, but it was a productive one. Glad it’s over.

Pete: Ah well, busy days are usually the ones that pass the fastest. So, tonight’s date night, right? Did you have anything in mind?

Kel: I had a few options up my sleeve, which were: going to the movies to see the new Crocodile Dundee film; going to the Melbourne Comedy festival that’s currently on; or going to see a recital of Banjo Paterson’s best poetry.

Pete: Hmmm, okay, so my pick, huh?

Kel: Yep. It’s up to you. I’m happy with any of those options.

Pete: Well, as much as I like Banjo Paterson, I’m not much of a poetry fan to be honest.

Kel: Haha, I knew you’d say that.

Pete: I’d love to see Crocodile Dundee, but you know how much I hate going to the movies where everyone’s eating pop corn, making noise, and kids are running amok.

Kel: Indeed, I do. So that means…

Pete: It means, I guess, we’re going to the Melbourne Comedy Festival!

Kel: Yay! Good choice! I’m dying for a bit of a giggle.

Pete: But wait, when you say “Melbourne Comedy Festival”, which show exactly? Which comedian did you want to see?

Kel: Well… you have to agree to it before I tell you.

Pete: Alright… I agree.

Kel: Good. It’s Jim Jeffries! Wooo!

Pete: Jim Jeffries? Gross! He’s the most unfunny comic out there. I should’ve chosen the poetry.

Kel: No givesies backsies. A deal’s a deal. Let’s go!

Pete: Clever girl. Let’s go.