ʊə – e.g. lure, tour

Listen to the audio file and repeat these words aloud.

tour – tʊə 
lure – ljʊə 
newer – ˈnjʊə 
fewer – ˈfjʊə 
cure – kjʊə 
bluer – ˈblʊə
sewer – ˈsʊə 
pursuer – pəˈsjʊə 
reviewer – rɪˈvjʊə 
skewer – ˈskjʊə
truer – ˈtrʊə 
brewer – ˈbrʊə

ʊə – Tongue Twisters

Practice phrases to read out loud:

  1. Wrongdoers need fewer pure lures.
  2. I knew (h)er before the brewer tour.
  3. The viewer was lured into the sewer.
  4. Fewer cures were found for spewers.
  5. There’s no truer rescuer for evildoers.
  6. The newer pursuer knew a bluer skewer.
  7. The brewer threw a skewer to a newer shoer.
  8. Those who’re newer should take the sewer tour.
  9. Rescuers, pursuers, and interviewers try to cure evildoers.
  10. It’s premature to procure then insure the newer and obscure cure.