ʉː – e.g. shoot, stew

Listen to the audio file and repeat these words aloud.

shoot – ʃʉːt 
boot – bʉːt 
loot – lʉːt 
coop – kʉːp 
lewd – lʉːd 
loop – lʉːp 
new/knew – njʉː 
blew/blue – blʉː 
clue – klʉː 
through/threw – θrʉː 
roo – rʉː 
stew – stjʉː 
boo – bʉː 
jew/dew – ʤʉː

ʉː – Tongue Twisters

Practice phrases to read out loud:

  1. You knew the new newt was mute.
  2. The brute‘s stupid ute wasn’t a beaut.
  3. I threw too much kangaroo in the blue stew.
  4. The snooty dude flew his blue flute to Beirut.
  5. She brewed a stew of glue for Hugh‘s new loo (toilet).
  6. A few cute fruits grew on Stew‘s beautiful new suit from Peru.
  7. Dewy’s new tattoo is of a shrew who threw you to the moon.
  8. She astutely pursued the reputedly new grapefruit along the route.
  9. You did a loop in a spacesuit whilst zooming throughout the coop.
  10. You commute through this route to shoot at absolutely minute roos.