ɪ – e.g. mid, it

Listen to the audio file and repeat these words aloud.

mid – mɪd 
lid – lɪd 
it –ɪt 
pit – pɪt 
sit – sɪt 
did – dɪd 
min – mɪn 
bin – bɪn 
pin – pɪn 
fig – fɪg 
dig – dɪg 
sick – sɪk 
sieve – sɪv 
zig – zɪg 
wig – wɪg 
whiff – wɪf 
stiff – stɪf 
lift – lɪft 
hit – hɪt 
bit – bɪt

ɪ – Tongue Twisters

Practice phrases to read out loud:

  1. It bit the stiff lid.
  2. This shift isn’t his wish.
  3. It doesn’t miss this Swiss abyss.
  4. The pigeon got sick from the fig it ate.
  5. I’ll lift him up the cliff to dig for his wig.
  6. Did this wishful kiss feel blissfully amiss?
  7. This bliss list was dismissed as insufficient.
  8. The Egyptian’s hieroglyphs were written in big bits.
  9. He missed shifting the sieve to sift through the bin.
  10. His sister was so pissed she missed his fifth birthday wish.