ɪə – e.g. here, dear

Listen to the audio file and repeat these words aloud.

hear/here – hɪə 
clear – klɪə 
near – nɪə 
beer – bɪə 
fear – fɪə 
dear/deer – dɪə 
pier/peer – pɪə 
steer – stɪə 
mere – mɪə 
tear – tɪə

ɪə – Tongue Twisters

Practice phrases to read out loud:

  1. The deer was a mere steer.
  2. Steer the rear of the spear into the pier.
  3. I used my heel to feel the meal with zeal.
  4. Dear me, she’s nearly clearly able to hear me.
  5. I fear this queer beer will cheer us up from ear to ear.
  6. The mutineer‘s old career as an engineer was dreary.
  7. It’s unclear if this year‘s beer is sincerely a souvenir.
  8. Don’t interfere with insincere brigadiers with weird ears.
  9. The eel and the seal squealed as they kneeled before the wheel.
  10. The clear sphere was adhered to the sheer frontier nowhere near here.