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Lesson 3, Topic 7
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ɜː – e.g. turn, learn

Peter Smissen January 29, 2018
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Listen to the audio file and repeat these words aloud.

heard/herd – hɜːd 
burred/bird – bɜːd 
learn – lɜːn 
fern – fɜːn 
turn – tɜːn 
burn – bɜːn 
yearn – jɜːn 
curd – kɜːd 
third – θɜːd 
nerd – nɜːd 
burp – bɜːp 
slurp – slɜːp 
fur – fɜː 
stir – stɜː 
spur – spɜː 
whirl – wɜːl

ɜː – Tongue Twisters

Practice phrases to read out loud:

  1. The nerd stirred the worm into the dirt.
  2. I heard you were searching for burnt fern.
  3. Were they allergic to their certain preferred dessert?
  4. She concurred that the colonel’s concern could recur.
  5. The person returned to nurture the merchant’s serpent.
  6. She would prefer her perfect and superb bottle of purple perfume.
  7. What’s the alternative to the eternal extermination of these hermit crabs?
  8. We were yearning to return to the reserve to terminate our turkey research.
  9. You observed commercials that were certified to coerce circus worms to learn to squirm.
  10. We were deterred from using her detergent to clean the surface of the burn on her urban t-shirt.