ə – e.g. Around, sUppose

Listen to the audio file and repeat these words aloud.

suppose – səˈpəʉz 
accept/except – əkˈsɛpt 
pencil – ˈpɛnsəl 
effect/affect – əˈfɛkt
supply – səˈplɑe  
around – əˈræɔnd  
banana – bəˈnɐːnɐ  
because – bəˈkɔz 
desert – ˈdɛzət 
about – əˈbaʊt  
taken – ˈtæɪkən 
infinite – ˈɪnfənət 
system – ˈsɪstəm

ə – Tongue Twisters

Practice phrases to read out loud:

  1. I suppose the banana is dessert.
  2. The pencil is about to shorten again.
  3. He’d taken the vitamin again before then.
  4. The President did an experiment with the cement.
  5. It’s unacceptable to use changeable supplements.
  6. University campuses are full of infinite opportunities.
  7. The student celebrated because he graduated finally.
  8. The effect of her affecting our accepting was exceptional.
  9. The difference between dangerous and helplessness is useless.
  10. National dances done with fanciful lances made the contestants excited.