ɔ – e.g. not, hot

Listen to the audio file and repeat these words aloud.

hot – hɔt 
not – nɔt 
bot – bɔt 
clot – klɔt 
flop – flɔp 
plop – plɔp 
stop – stɔp 
mop – mɔp 
hog – hɔg 
rock – rɔk 
rot – rɔt 
trot – trɔt 
cot – kɔt 
cop – kɔp 
off – ɔf 
mock – mɔk 
lock – lɔk

ɔ – Tongue Twisters

Practice phrases to read out loud:

  1. Squat or be shot by the pilot.
  2. The hot jogger was not a robot.
  3. What mop was chopped by the cop?
  4. The shop had not sold laptops for a lot.
  5. The hog got stuck in the lost cot on the dock.
  6. The cold clock stopped the old rock from dropping.
  7. Bob licked a lollipop on the rooftop of the tuck shop.
  8. Bellhops often mock non-stop if you’re robbed by crocodiles.
  9. The doctor locked his Moroccan frock in his shop in Bangkok.
  10. Unlock the clock’s lock if you’ve got robots stocked to the top before they rot.