ɐ – e.g. hut, love

Listen to the audio file and repeat these words aloud.

hut – hɐt 
fun – fɐn 
but – bɐt 
klutz – klɐtz 
clutch – klɐʧ 
stuff – stɐf 
muff – mɐf 
glove – glɐv 
love – lɐv 
mud – mɐd 
dud – dɐd 
cut – kɐt 
rut – rɐt 
mutt – mɐt 
bun – bɐn 
sun/son – sɐn

ɐ – Tongue Twisters

Practice phrases to read out loud:

  1. His son had fun in the mud hut.
  2. King Tut’s haircut must be rough.
  3. Mum loves to come to see gum trees.
  4. He cut the plum and covered it in crumbs.
  5. The drummer hummed a dumb tune for fun.
  6. To cut the mutt’s gut one must use some thrust.
  7. She drummed her thumb on some glum guy’s bum.
  8. A number of numb nuns were cutting nuts to make buns.
  9. The puppy from the slum rubbed his tongue on his gums.
  10. The handcuffed muppet used his beloved gloves to nudge the clutch.