ɐː – e.g. car, palm

Listen to the audio file and repeat these words aloud.

hard – hɑːd 
lard – lɑːd 
start – stɑːt 
card – kɑːd 
fart – fɑːt 
marred – mɑːd 
barn – bɑːn 
yarn – jɑːn 
farm – fɑːm 
harm – hɑːm 
palm – pɑːm 
calm – kɑːm 
smart – smɑːt 
dart – dɑːt 
dark – dɑːk

ɐː – Tongue Twisters

Practice phrases to read out loud:

  1. He calmly disarmed the alarm.
  2. There’s a dark palm in the farm’s barn.
  3. I tied a hard charm on some yarn on my arm.
  4. Her daft scarf fell on the path as the car passed.
  5. She laughed at the darn farm that’s marred by calves.
  6. On behalf of the staff we had a laugh at the aftermath.
  7. The gallah laughed hard from afar whilst smoking a cigar.
  8. The film star started playing guitar in a bar not far from Qatar.
  9. The giraffe’s calf smarted after half the grafting operation was past.
  10. Half of the raft store staff got on the Flagstaff train calmly after dark.