How it works!

How is The Aussie English Classroom designed?

The Aussie English Classroom is an online classroom made up of various courses which you can access via the ALL COURSES page linked in the menu above.

  • Courses are made up of lessons.
  • Lessons may be divided into topics.
  • Some lessons and topics include quizzes at the bottom.

What content is added to The Aussie English Classroom every week?

Every week content is added to The Aussie English Classroom, and you have access to everything!

Content will include:

I recommend completing at least 1 x expression course every week as it is released, and any other material on top of that when time allows.

How are the Expression courses designed?

The expression courses are designed to go with the Aussie English Podcast expression episode that is released each week.

You can access the expression courses here, or via the ALL COURSES page linked in the menu above.

The aim to reinforce the English learned in each week’s Aussie English Podcast expression episode, whilst also expanding on many other areas of English related to that episode.

Each expression course is separated into a number of different lessons.

These lessons are not always the same, with some lessons varying every few weeks or so.

For example, expression course AE 396 – Over The Moon includes the following lessons:

  1. Listen & Read 
    • Full transcript + MP3 of podcast episode
    • Listen and/or read the entire podcast episode
    • Study the vocabulary glossary
    • Complete the listening comprehension quiz
  2. Imitation exercise
    • An MP3 listen & repeat exercise where you imitate my speaking
    • ~10 sentences of an every day conversation (e.g. ordering coffee)
    • Each sentence is said 3 times (normal, slowly, fast)
    • Emphasis is placed on pronunciation and connected speech
  3. Pronunciation exercise
    • An MP3 listen & repeat exercise focusing on an aspect of Australian pronunciation
    • In this exercise, you focus on pronunciation of ~10 words that include a specific vowel sound
  4. Connected Speech exercise
    • An MP3 listen & repeat exercise focusing on one or many aspects of connected speech
    • In this exercise, you focus on one or more aspects of connected speech in spoken Australian English
  5. Grammar exercise
    • A lesson focusing on an aspect of using the past simple tense
    • Complete the grammar quiz at the bottom
  6. Speaking challenge
    • An exercise where you have to record a 1-2 minute video using the expression “Over the moon
    • You post the video in The AE Classroom Facebook page

Tutorials on how to use The Aussie English Classroom

Watch this video to find out how to complete the expression courses.

Here is a list of the other tutorials to help you get set up in The Aussie English Classroom:

Setting up your profile & editing your account

The AE Pronunciation Course

The Grammar In Plain English Course

The Interviews In Depth Course

The AE Classroom Complete Introduction