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Learn Expressions, Vocabulary, and Slang

Expression Courses

  • New Expression Courses are a natural and enjoyable way to learn:
    • English expressions
    • Advanced vocabulary and collocations
    • General English slang
    • Australian slang
    • Australia history, culture, and current affairs
  • Review the advanced vocabulary list.
  • Test your listening comprehension with the quiz.
  • New courses are added every single week, so there is always something new to study!

The Latest Courses:

Australian Pronunciation & Spoken English Courses

Improve your pronunciation and speak more naturally!

  • Complete the Australian Pronunciation course to perfect your Aussie English accent.
  • Master spoken contractions, reductions, and linking in the Spoken English Course.
  • Improve your intonation, rhythm, and emphasis in the Shadowing Course.
  • Learn how native speakers have small talk conversations in the Natural English Conversations Course.

Here's a little more about each course!

  • 60+ video + audio lessons with full transcripts.
  • Step-by-step lesson plan.
  • Learn to pronounce all Australian English vowels + consonants.
  • Compare confusing sounds with minimal pairs.
  • Complete the tongue twister phrases to master the sounds of English.
  • Video + audio lessons with full transcripts.
  • Step-by-step lessons.
  • Learn aspects of advanced English pronunciation.
  • Learn connected speech, contractions, reductions, and linking.
  • 10 x video + audio lessons.
  • Learn to speak more naturally.
  • Improve your intonation, rhythm, emphasis, connected speech, and more.
  • Learn about Australia history, culture, and current affairs.
  • Fun and engaging content.
  • 2-4 minute natural dialogues videos + audio lessons.
  • Full transcript + vocabulary break down.
  • Learn conversational expressions and slang.
  • Learn how to make small talk like a native speaker.
  • Real-world situations: hospital visit, buying coffee, barbecue, shopping, etc.

Australian Interview Course

Real Conversations with Real Australians!

  • 20+ Interviews with Australians and other native English speakers.
    • Brick layers
    • Karate world champions
    • Snake catchers
    • Nature photographers
    • English teachers
    • & many more!
  • Learn about Australian life, culture, history, and current affairs.
  • Study English with real-life conversations.
  • Video + audio lessons and full transcripts.

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The Premium Player is a specially designed podcast player that allows to you:

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These features allow you to make adjustments to each episode to allow you to listen and learn as effortlessly as possible!

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What are students saying?

Aussie English is like a vast garden where you are supplied with colourful advice on how to improve and proceed in your way for a better English speaking, understanding, and vocabulary building. All this could not be true without Pete, the Aussie English gardener.

Duaa, Jordan

“I’m glad to be part of the Aussie English community and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their Aussie English or English in general!”

Fatimah, Malaysia


“I have been listening to Pete’s podcast for more than three years. Because he’s so passionate about what he is doing, all the lessons are interesting and informative. Thanks, Peter!”

Galyna, Ukraine

After 6 months of being Aussie Classroom member, I felt that my English was improved, pronunciation become much better and my listening skills enhanced. So, if you want to be a great English speaker, the Aussie English Podcast is definitely for you. At least give it a try and result will surprise you!

Aykhan, Azerbeijan