Ep031: Pronunciation of Australian states and territories

In this episode I’m going to teach you the names of the different Australian states and territories, mention where they are located in Australia, as well as how to pronounce them in both standard well annunciation English and Aussie English. In

Pronunciation of Australian states and territories

Australia we have six states and two main territories. They are as follows:

Tasmania (Tas)
Victoria (Vic)
New South Whales (NSW)
Queensland (Qld)
South Australia (SA)
Western Australia (WA)

(The) Northern Territory (NT)
(The) Australian Capital Territory (ACT)



Check out the following episode number 32 here in order to learn the names and pronunciation of each state and territories capital city.

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(The above image taken from wikipedia. For more information about the history of Australia’s states and territories check out the wiki page here.)